How to transcend time | Rectifying the imagination



How to transcend time | Rectifying the imagination

Inspired by the teachings of my guide, Rav Baruch Gartner.

Life can appear to be bound by the laws of nature.

We really don’t realize how bound we are to the laws of nature when we are living in nature.

The Torah is the gateway to living above nature.

The world is fooling people.

Our consciousness is really nothing more than imagination.

We really don’t know anything for sure, as much as we really wanna believe we know something.

There are a lot of things that cannot really be proven that we are choosing in our minds to believe.

Many people choose to believe a lot of things that are producing a lot of fear and anxieties, rather than choosing thoughts that are empowering us and bringing us closer to the Source. “I’m gonna get sick again”, “the world is coming to an end”, “I can’t get this out of my mind”, “this is not going to work out”.

The sages attempt to rectify our mind so that we can think properly – to raise our consciousness to a higher level – to reach a platform of higher levels of perception.

The sage’s goal is to try to change our way of thinking from being constricted to expanded. And this is called rectifying the imagination.

Through the rectification of the imagination, we ultimately get to a whole different realm – a different way of living and experiencing life.

We go from one level to the next level to the next level to the ultimate place of clarity – we get to a place which is above imagination.

Rebbe Nachman teaches us that God is above time. Really, only children believe that God is a man in heaven. The truth is that God doesn’t have any character traits. The ones He revealed to us simply serve as rungs to rise up through our imperfect imagination – we rise up from not knowing to knowing that God is above time and space.

Rebbe Nachman said that it is impossible for the human mind to grasp this.

However, we see that there are other things which are also above time.

Teshuvah (returning to our true nature through repentance) is above time. The day a person does teshuvah, he is above time. He rectifies the past.

And the holidays are all above time.

A person can at any moment of his life be reborn. At the time of his passing it was this idea that Rebbe Nachman was bringing himself to life with – the concept of being above time.

There is a type of understanding referred to by Rebbe Nachman as transcendental understanding. It is also referred to as “Shefa Elokim” a Godly outpouring – a sort of Divine flow “Ruach Hakodesh” –  a state of Divine inspiration. A supernatural realm which does not come through thinking or working hard for. A channel of higher perception which bypasses the constraints of the intellect.

This type of wisdom will change your whole life and produce something called “V’hitlahavut Halev” a passionate heart. But it is impossible to experience this level unless a person first sanctifies the seven windows of his face.

This is connected to the holiday of Sukkot, when we commemorate the seven Divine clouds of glory which surrounded the nation of Israel throughout their travels in the desert.

Rebbe Nachman taught that the seven clouds correspond to the seven windows of the purification of the human being, required in order to receive the outpouring of knowledge called “ruach hakodesh” which allows for a person to know things in a supernatural way.

The holiday of Sukkot is connected to the idea of a type of knowledge called “makifin” a transcendental intellect that surrounds us – no matter what level you are on you have a surrounding makif – just like God is infinite, so too is our ability to perceive Him – but our minds cannot contain this perception.

So too, our body is not able to fully house our soul. As a person perfects his senses, the person brings into his aura a higher level of intellect , a makif, into his level of understanding. This is accomplished through purification.

There are certain concepts that a person’s mind cannot really grasp. For instance, the concept of free will and an all knowing God. How can I really have free will if God knows what I’m going to do? No human being can perceive this. This is something beyond human consciousness. A person cannot grasp this.

This in itself is the reason that a person has free choice.

As long as a person cannot grasp that understanding then his free choice is in place because he has the ability to choose this or that, life or death.

But as soon as this wisdom comes into his realm, that free choice will dissipate and he will no longer have free will.

We learn that in the future, the sages will be sitting with their crowns “in their heads” (not on their heads) – what is permeating beyond and around them will come into their intellect – into their heads. Our free choice will not be the same. The sages will be “sitting” (ie. not moving from their place)

How do we bring transcendental reasoning into our minds?

First, we must conceive these transcendental concepts. Similar to the way a woman gives birth through crying out, we give birth to our understanding from the hidden realm. This is the deeper meaning of the process of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Hoshana Rabbah – to scream out from our constricted consciousness to God to help us to sanctify these windows with holiness of Hashem so that we merit to reach a place of expanded understanding.

A person brings higher intellect inside, which is the aspect of Sukkah – the transcendental intellect that comes to us from sitting in the sukkah and connecting to the powers of sukkot through observing the spiritual technology of its laws.

Transcending our ways of being obsessed with the past and the future – transcending our thinking to being above time is what Sukkot is all about. A temporary dwelling – transcendence . The makifin – the higher levels of intellect – the culmination of all the holidays.

Shabbat shalom and chag sameach.



How to transcend time | Rectifying the imagination

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, into the future


Time keeps on slipping, slipping, into the future.

First of all, keep in mind that human beings, because of the free will we were created with, have the ability to rise above the Angels – the ability to partake of the highest levels of perception of the Source – for eternity. We also have the ability to waste away this opportunity, caught up in the muck and mire of temporary materiality.

This lifetime – the limited number of years and months and minutes in front of us – which the sages compare to the shadow of a bird flying over a mountain – is the time we’ve been allotted to achieve our rectification and stake out our eternal proximity to the light Source. It is brought down that one moment in the world to come is more intense than all the experiences of pleasure during our lifetime. While there’s no real way to describe what hasn’t yet been shown to us, that fine wine that the Source is saving for that special occasion, “what no eye has seen” – from all I’ve learned about it, I expect it to be rather enjoyable, to say the least. It brings goose bumps just thinking about what’s in store for us – this “reward” for achieving alignment with the Source, which happens to be, on its own, the most enjoyable and psychologically advantageous way to walk through life, anyway. A gift for receiving and living a gift. Sounds like a fair proposition to me. A win win.

This lifetime is like having a minute to run into the Kings treasury and take as many jewels and gold coins as we can amass for retirement. A shopping spree for eternal bliss.

Is it really worth wasting another minute – especially not knowing if it could be our last?

If any of this speaks to you, like it does to me, we owe it to ourselves to immediately withdraw from nonsense and dedicate full time effort to maintaining consciousness. To establish a system to attain our objectives and to measure our progress obsessively. To cling to those who live and share the wisdom and not let go.

To cease all destructive habits and actions and avoid wasting time on anything that’s temporary. In other words, to detach as quickly as possible from the suckers game. You can wean off your destructive behaviors and actions, or go cold turkey – whatever works best for you. There are no pockets in shrouds. It’s similar advice to what you’d give to a crack head in a dumpster.

The sages of the past used to count their days. Always keeping a tally of how many days they have lived.

Doing the math at 40, I have lived 480 months so far. If I make it to 120, I’ll have 960 more. Average life expectancy for a male is 84 – that’s 528 more months, 15,840 days till the box, on average.

We see our kids if we are lucky about 3 hours a day until they become teenagers, and then for a few hours on weekends and then occasional holidays. With a 10 year old child, until they turn 16, that’s six years at 3 hours a day = just 6,480 precious hours of face time until they are off to their own world.

We may only see a grandparent or a parent for a few more years, months or days.

We have a finite amount of time to connect with our loved ones – to accomplish our rectification – to achieve our potential – to evolve.

This is the level of consciousness required to establish appropriate value for the time left in your life.

Especially when we see patterns of unconsciousness play out every day. Like if we consistently react in a certain way to a child because of our own issues, and feel remorse as soon as they walk out the door. This pattern of behavior can haunt a person, not only later in life on the rocking chair, but as soon as the door shuts – if left on auto pilot. Taking in the gravity of this ticking clock can snap us into a state of applied consciousness strong enough to break out of patterns of reactivity. This is called growth. And it’s what we are here for. Not to play out our pre-patterned character role until a wake-up call presents itself.

This applies to our relationship with the Source as well. We realize that we cannot afford another prayer session without deep intention and connection, as we do not know how many more we will have. Transforming our human nature into a partner with the soul, to accomplish their collective mission, is the purpose – and coincidentally –  the most enjoyable and rewarding way to move through this experience.

A life with Emunah (an innate conviction, a perception of truth that transcends, rather than evades, reason) is a psychologically more advantageous path because we’ve made room for seemingly negative set-backs – we’ve bought into the reality that all comes from the Source, all is under His direct and personal supervision and all comes from higher mercy. This transforms an otherwise painful experience into a necessary part of our development process.

We can even learn to love some seemingly far out situations. For example, it’s taught that shaming someone in public is worse than killing them. Yet, if someone shames us, we should not respond, but rather look at it as a gift, an opportunity to accept a “death blow” to our ego – a relatively easy way out of accumulated karmic consequences intended for us. In fact, we learn that the sages did this intentionally, to bring themselves public shame, to proactively shatter their false connections to their ego. They were using this life as a tool to achieve something much greater than just the here and now. And by living this way, they transformed the “now” into the greatest possible experience and opportunity.

And now for a bit of advice from the sages on how best to spend your time…

A good start is to mold your thoughts, actions, intentions and spoken words from the perspective of looking back upon your life post expiration – in a way, to live out your desired eulogy. To treat others like you want to be treated. To only focus on the good points in others, and to recognize that everything is coming from the Source. To immerse yourself in the wisdom of the Torah – the guidebook to life -and accept upon yourself the Divine structure – the spiritual circuitry connectors – known as the Mitzvot. To sensitize your awareness of the Source and to walk in His ways now, to the extent that when the veil is lifted you will experience as little a shock as possible between your temporary physical identifications and your eternal soul. To carry a constant dialogue with the Source of all life experiences. To return to your true nature by accounting for your actions and intentions daily. To believe in yourself, that you were created with something unique to develop and share that no one else has – and that you will never be fulfilled until you trust, explore and live that wide. Be you. There’s no time like the present. If not now, when?

Ein of Milvado! (There is nothing but You, Hashem)



Time keeps on slipping, slipping, into the future