Opening doors to the next level of success



Opening doors to the next level of success

“Fear builds walls to bar the light”
-The Baal Shem Tov


Many of us wanted to stay in Egypt. Even as we witnessed the most incredible miracles of all time, we couldn’t help but think about the food we were leaving as we marched into the dessert of unknown. We missed the routine of Egypt. The small joys that we were accustomed to.

Even while witnessing grand miracles, the thought of walking into the unknown and leaving behind the certainty of the small joys of material slavery seemed frightening. It would require exertion and change. We’d rather put a hard day’s work in and enjoy the nightly meal. We’ve trained ourselves to survive in this limited sphere of enslavement. Maybe freedom would continuously require that we meet these moments of tests of our free will, walking blindly into the future with some expected satisfactory result. Many of us were not up for the challenge. And many of us still aren’t today.

There’s a moment that we all keep bumping into. A moment that will repeat itself over and over again through a recreation of the setup of circumstances in our lives. A moment whose purpose is to test our true will. How ready are we to make the space in our lives for increased blessing and success. Without expanding our vessel, we simply do not have the space for this increase – but through expanding it, we make room for unlimited light.

This choice of vessel expansion is what these moments of tests are all about. They require overcoming the adversarial force within us so that we can earn the blessing and success that’s right behind it.

These moments require a meeting of our higher wisdom and our physical action.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that we must force ourself to put all our strength into our prayers. That true devotion is binding our thoughts to our words of prayer – and this is how our inner power will enter our prayers, automatically. That all of our unlimited inner power waits for the moment when it is drawn into the physical words of holiness.

Success needs to be earned in order for it to last.

Kabalistically, manifesting success in every field of our life is the ability to access the potential that exists with us already.

The question is, why is this energy of success concealed and how do we bring it from potential to actual?

A fundamental universal law of success according to the Zohar is that there are 2 major forces within us – the soul and the adversary. The Soul connects to the big picture – it knows that everything that happens in life is to help me grow. That I’m responsible for my own destiny. That I need to shift something to create the space for success.

The adversary is the force inside that makes me jump to the consciousness of temporary success, routine and small joys – to become reactive – every time I face that moment of challenge to react with fear, worry, uncertainty, hurt, blame.

The soul knows that everything is opportunity in my life. A chance to grow closer to that force within myself – the adversary looks to cause chaos in my life – makes me reactive, impulsive, basing my judgment on how I feel this second – my subjective perception of reality.

The Source is the infinite energy of love, fulfillment and success, and each one of us is accessing only an aspect of that success – our potential is not tapped. Our real purpose is to expand our vessel to reveal our next level of success, fulfillment, love and accomplishment in every area of our life. We are all deep inside striving for that next level.

Sometimes we get what we want but we feel empty. Or, when we get it something else, another part of life is taken away from us – this is only because I didn’t really tap into the energy of success. Therefore I have not truly acquired it.

The kabalistic law of success is that the energy of success must be lasting in my life – and in the process of acquiring it, I need to overcome the adversarial force (selfishness, fear, ego, impulsive nature) within – I need to overcome the guard at the door to the next level.

Every time I overcome it I am actually igniting the sense of true fulfillment – becoming the co creator of that fulfillment – opening the door to acquire the room to house increased blessing in my life. The proper consciousness is we are here to expand our potential – go to the next level in every area of life.

Every time we face a challenge our base nature is to become reactive, to worry, to anger – especially when unfair things happen. At that moment, we must pause, restrict, observe – as tough as that challenge is – and recognize that this is really the opportunity to overcome the adversarial force within – because the Source sent me that challenge and the Source also gave me the ability to overcome that challenge.

So instead of focusing on that external opponent that is disturbing me so much, that I have a rage towards – let go! Shift focus on overcoming the internal opponent – the guard at that next level of success. This challenge was given to me in order to expand my ability to access success and blessing. A shift in how I look at things. From the mindset of losing and suffering to one of certainty that it’s for the sake of expanding.

As a result, from an unexpected place, things will improve – the light will reveal itself as we shift our reaction from external negativity to the battle within, and then deal with the situation with a different perception – opening doors to the next level of success revealing itself to us.

It’s not about not dealing with the problems in life, it’s about first pausing and letting go of the reactivity and then dealing with the issue from a place of positivity and clarity.

Between me and the next level of success there is a door that I need to cross and at that door I need to overcome the adversary who is not external – it is internal. The guard at the door manifests itself as fear, uncertainty, anger, entitlement.

Real success and long term blessing will be achieved according to the Zohar every time I am able to overcome the adversary within.

Our sole purpose in this world is to come close to our Source. This is where unlimited joy shines from. The adversarial force’s sole purpose is not to distract us from coming closer to the Source, but to help us grow. It’s entire existence is one of illusion, a coach who pushes us to the extreme to help us attain higher levels of success. At that next moment of test that we face, when the adversarial force is raging within us pushing us to fall, what it really is saying to us is – let me see you withstand my challenge and become great.



Opening doors to the next level of success

Shrouds and Shovels



Shrouds and Shovels

Don’t cap your upside, transform your downside.

Fear and lack of self worth manifest a breeding ground for a dis-aligned relationship with success.

We need to welcome with royal treatment the experience of deep joy and gratitude when “good” things happen – and work on lessening the emotional turbulence of “bad” things as they are experienced- transforming “bad” experiences through perceiving the hidden “good” in the ‘bad”.

The Alter Rebbe revealed how seeing “good” in “bad”, through piercing the veil of the illusion of “bad”, merits the unveiling of higher perceptions of the Source in the World To Come – and we know that the World To Come is a state of mind we can achieve right now. We are, after all, in the Ein Sof (the eternal realm of no limit)- we are in God, not just God in us. Not only cap your downside, lift it higher than your upside. It’s all upside.

Spin how we look at things to best work for us – as Rebbe Nachman revealed – we need joy to best serve the Source – so why cap it? – especially since it comes from the Source as a sweet gift?

Reading stories of how some of the holiest sages shunned money – and how wealth and piety can rarely co exist – is always something that haunted me – because I had it set up that shunning abundance is on the most pious level. Now, however, I prefer to focus my mind on how through transforming themselves into dust, the holiest sages attracted all the abundance in the world. That’s a winning system.

A faulty relationship with abundance creates dis-alignment within ourselves, and is the adversary’s technique to set us up for inner conflict and failure – a repellant for light and abundance.


Most people get mad when they are late, but don’t jump up and down and throw parties if they are on time. Why cap the upside and let the downside roll? It’s punishment and self sabotage – and dangerous – and, according to the law of attraction, it just welcomes in more negativity like a magnet to metal dust.

Really? Not saying thank you for the gifts? – or worse, repelling them in the name of “piety”, and then sobbing and praying when they aren’t manifesting? Not a winning system.

Other people are relying on your miracles, and it’s not fair to them to inflict your repellant views on their portion. At least take a democratic vote from your dependents, partners and charities before you crawl into a hole and attract shrouds and shovels.

There is a well know yiddish saying that translates to “Man plans, God laughs”. True, huh?

Well, you know what’s also true with an aligned relationship to the “ups” and “downs” in life, where we tap into gratitude for the “good” in the “bad” – and ultimately reach a level of higher perception and joy which allows for the celebration of both?

“God plans, man laughs”.

And, we get to serve the Source in joy – through the ups and downs, ins and outs and “goods” and bads”. That’s a winning system.





Shrouds and Shovels