Growing or free falling



Growing or free falling

Moses was a man who asked to be blotted out from God’s book if God didn’t forgive his brother’s and sister’s sins. He lived for his people and was prepared to die for his people.

And at the end of the leader’s journey, Moses desired greatly to enter the land. And he prayed for it hundreds of times.

It doesn’t happen.

That doesn’t make sense because Moses is a hero of the Torah, if not The Hero. What kind of message is that from God to us?

Kabbalistically, desire that is manifest loses its powers.

Moses’s hidden deep gift to us is the blessings we haven’t yet received – the desire for the blessings we haven’t yet received.

The gift that Moses received for all of his prayers was the gift of pain from lack, and the gift of desire.

Moses’s gift to us, which we can connect to this Shabbat, is unfulfilled desire.

The greatest desire is unfulfilled desire as it assures that we will never be disconnected from the light of the Source.

How much pain am I experiencing right now about my lack of spiritual connection, wisdom and growth?

My connection is proportionate to the pain I feel from the lack of that connection.

I am growing or free falling.

So Moses’s constant prayers and desires manifested into the greatest possible gift to him and to us.

The gift of experiencing purpose in desire.

Understanding the deeper need for lack.

It is taught that every prayer cast and desire summoned is heard from the Source and accumulates and creates more light around us. The wise will not judge life’s circumstances and physical outcomes until they explore the hidden and more significant blessings contained.



Growing or free falling

Prophecy flash | Laying down a hero



Prophecy flash | Laying down a hero

Attention artists and rappers and poets and champions of restriction and chasers of God’s light – to those looking to soar.

If I’m not gonna live my potential what do I expect my kids to learn from me.

If I’m not gonna follow my eternal soul what do I expect to follow.

If I’m not ready to boldly grab the next rung what rung do I expect to remain hanging on.

The view gets old quick and the time is now to empower ourselves to see what’s around the bend on this holy path we follow.

“And remove spiritual impediment from before us and from behind us

– Hashkivainu (The Lay Us Down Blessing)

Both can equally entrap us. Freeze us in a tunnel. Less freedom than enlightened prisoners.

The Sitra Achra (the other side) is what stops us from doing what we know is best for ourselves – it looks to slow us down bring us down and lay us down, and it casts an enticing bait to those chasing worms and ignoring the hook.

It’s simple if we just follow the clues and learn from the past. Ask Einstein; “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

In fact, it’s only possible to drastically disconnect from the light of spiritual consciousness while under the influence of a flash of temporary insanity.

Eventually we learn what makes us insane and it becomes insane to continue the chase.

Heroes come and go –  and the elder generations of heroes leaves us in the position of seeing ourselves as the needed next generation of heroes. The ground is there below us, patiently waiting to welcome back every part of us but the soul. Time to start identifying with it and walking in its ways. Following its footsteps like the children follow ours.

“I applied my mind to seek and probe by wisdom all that happens beneath the sky – it is a sorry task that God has given to the sons of man with which to be concerned.”

” I said to myself: Come, I will experiment with joy and enjoy pleasure. That, too, turned out to be futile.”

“I ventured to stimulate my body with wine – while my heart is involved with wisdom – and to grasp folly, until I can discern which is best for mankind to do under the heavens during the brief span of their lives.”

“Whatever my eyes desired I did not deny them; I did not deprive myself of any kind of joy. Indeed, my heart drew joy from all my activities, and this was my reward for all my endeavors.”

“Then I looked at all the things I had done and the energy I had expended in doing them; it was clear that it was all futile and a vexation of the spirit – and there is no real profit under the sun.”

“The sum of the matter, when all has been considered: Fear God and keep His commandments, for that is man’s whole duty.”

-King Solomon

It is wise to contemplate and drink from the wisdom of the wisest man ever.

Now it’s time for redemption. Now it’s time for salvation.

B.D.E Mama Hannah



Prophecy flash | Laying down a hero

Miracle Notes



Miracle Notes

In my home we have a huge pink and red duct taped heart on a door with the word Emunah (Faith) written below it in Hebrew letters, also in duct tape – green and purple.

Earlier this week, when I felt as if I’d welcomed in a miracle, I decided to write it down on a small mini hot pink post-it note with the date on top.

I was then led to turn around and place that miracle note on the door, inside the big pink heart. I immediately fell in love with the idea – of recognizing miracles in real time and recording them, and pasting them on your walls like the finest Divine art.

I also liked the idea of giving yourself permission on the spot to classify something as a miracle. And since this was just the first one on the door, I socialized the idea with my wife and children. They all seemed to like it – and since then my wife has placed at least one of her own miracle notes in the big pink heart on the door.

The next day, something that struck me deeply – that otherwise, I might have just let the feelings of chills and raised hair on my arms come and go – came across to me through an electronic communication.

It’s kinda hard to explain. I saw a positive attribute shine in another person’s communication – and I felt a signal that I was blessed to be a channel of some of the light that provided illumination to them. I chose that one as a miracle too, although I had some hesitation – unlike the total clarity of the first one – but I went with it, and put it up there – reinforced and all.

The truth is, everything is a miracle. Recognizing and acknowledging the miracles in life is our opportunity and sacred obligation. When you feel that miracles are being sent, it really boosts the relationship with the Source – because you are in more and more and more gratitude. You’re letting more things that otherwise can seem to just come and go become priceless art – miracles.


When the moments come up and we feel the sensation within of the Source winking at us through nature – honor that and elevate its significance. This concept is drawn from the Kaballah – the system of making the room for miracles to come. It’s the message of not missing the boat that you’re praying for – it’s the message of not taking anything for granted – reaching a place of feeling as though every detail is a gift and blessing.

As we literally launch into Purim. Let’s really take in what the Zohar teaches us. The festive Purim meal tomorrow has a special significance – for it elevates our soul as well as provides pleasure for our body. May each of your families see only miracles and use this time wisely to stock up on the bright light to share with the future.

Ah frielichen Purim! (I wish you a joyful Purim)

Blessings (for the 51st time),


Miracle Notes