The gift to the friend who needs you now



The gift to the friend who needs you now

Honoring the ever present link between physical life experience and spiritual root cause, the seeker weaves life’s signs together into a rope of Divine communication.

Shattering duality between effect and cause, the seeker strives to associate physicality with spiritual root cause. Seeing through a spiritual lens, each moment is magnified into something above time and space.

The seeker feels that confident in his powers.

His powers cannot be denied once discovered. It becomes his obligation and calling to help lead others into the realms he discovers. It becomes his purpose and his own path to self expression and joy.

Life experienced through five senses of physicality alone, is a 3D movie without the glasses.

More alarmingly, the dualist challenges the spiritual root cause to gain his attention through the amplification of physical effect.

The Creator is All Merciful. He will not leave us stranded in the desert of duality, wasting life away in madness for too long. He sends His callings through the 5 senses we perceive with. Through nature He awakens the slumberers and leads us back to His captive unity. Down to our knees we cry and return out of love.

The volume is proportionate with the level of awakening required to shift the seeker back toward the spiritual root cause – the point where authentic evolution occurs.

And when he sees unity again, he sees the big picture in the smallest particles – his pains and anxieties melt away. Victomhood falls. Walls of Fear crumble. Entitlement dissolves. Temptation reveals its dark colors. Mental loops flatten. Yesterday and tomorrow, time and space merge into one. Every molecule is programmed to play a role in the endless unity of the One.

It is soothing to walk with the understanding that all comes from Hashem and all is for the good, as hidden as it may seem at times.

What advice would you give to the hamster on the wheel with a door at the side of its cage, yet so focused on the sugar water it consumes briefly while at the top of the wheel hanging from a ledge?

It’s freedom is trapped in the physical moment of satiation from occasional swigs of liquid.

It’s joy limited to the momentary satisfaction it receives from the potion, and the heavy sleep it falls to from a long days work on the wheel . Stuck in the cycle of work sleep work sleep like a slave in Egypt.

Kindness is not adding sugar to the water or another step to the wheel. Kindness is leading him through the door to freedom. And freedom comes from understanding wisdom and integrating it, not scratching itches.

In order to be a good friend you have to constantly strengthen yourself in applying your understanding of the wisdom so that you internalize what to give of to your friend.

You strengthen yourself by desiring to align your true self, your eternal soul, with the front end circuit board of your personality. Interior and exterior alignment through transforming exterior components of personality, ego, the emotional system, into reflectors of the soul like the moon does the sun.

A friend needs strength and faith. Light from darkness. The greatest joy comes from lifting up others who are down. Right Dube? And if we look around us we will see the ones who are calling.

The highest kindness is to help liberate a friend’s mind. To emancipate him from inner slavery. To bring him to the joys of life.

Shabbat Shalom.



The gift to the friend who needs you now

The Path of Jacob

esau jacob


The Path of Jacob

I see how this works – that it’s You behind everything.

It’s not just using You to accomplish something physical – it’s using the physical to connect to You.

Help me to not fall into the mentality of selling myself short through chasing small desires.

Help me to raise my faith and clarity higher to serve You with a pure and complete heart.

Help me find my highest joy in serving You with all my heart, all my soul all my might.

Let me find total joy in this. Absolute elation.

This is a winning equation.

This is reality.

This feels right and excites me.

This excites my body and soul and mind and heart and every part of me together in harmony.

This makes my soul dance with my body.

“Esau raised his eyes and saw all that Jacob had with him. He asked Jacob, what did you intend by that whole camp that I met? And Jacob answered, to gain favor in your eyes.”

Esau responded, “I have RAV” – I have plenty, I have abundance – a language implying arrogance and conceit.

And Jacob said, “I have KOL”, I have everything – I have all I need. A language of gratitude and humility.

Both had alot – but each had totally different perspectives on what they had and their relationship to the Source of what they had.

Let the wisdom of this epic encounter really sink into my heart.

We need to first learn what’s best for us, learn what true joy is, learn what our purpose is – and only then can we merit the joy of truly walking the high path because we understand what the high path is. We understand how to relate to the blessings in front of us.

This level takes training and tests of the heart in order to earn. It’s really a never ending process with higher and higher understandings but what else are we using our time here for? To decide on what we think we want and either achieve it or not and allow our happiness to rest on the outcome?

There is a higher path to walk. The path of Jacob.

Yes, there is the concept of serving Hashem for physical purposes and this is a good first step. It is higher than disconnection. It creates some sparks. It’s the next step for many of us from where we are at today. The next step toward the higher path. But there’s also the concept of serving Hashem with no ulterior motive. Simply because we realize that serving Hashem, aligning our heart and soul, actions and intellect, desires and wisdom, is the highest joy of all.

We reach a place of KOL – I have everything that I need right now.

The truth is that Hashem is spoon feeding us every split second. Every breath of air, every sip of water, every blink of an eye, movement of a limb. Our desires are influenced by where we are holding in our life. The sick desire health, the deaf desire hearing, the blind desire sight, the poor man desires money, the thirsty desire water, and the man of excess abundance desires another home, another vacation, another ring of security around his RAV.

This does not end.

When Jacob approached his brother Esau and offered him gifts, Esau said he had RAV, I have abundance – I have more than I need. Jacob said he had KOL, I have all that I need.

More than I need means I don’t need You anymore, I’m good, thanks.

All that I need means thank you for taking care of me yesterday, thank you for taking care of me now and I trust that You and only You will take care of me tomorrow.

It’s a live relationship.

It’s the way of the sages to walk like this.

Not full because of excess abundance, full because of happiness with their lot at this moment. The only lack is lack of faith that everything is coming from You and everything is exactly how You want it to be for my best interest at this moment.

When you make yourself small you shake off the chains of entitlement. You don’t need so much to feel full. You shake off the need for things to be a certain way – for your happiness to be dependent on an outcome.

When you realize that you are but dust and ashes, everything that comes to you is a gift that you are grateful for.

Being grateful is a very welcoming vibration to emit to the Giver who created the world to give of the highest levels of joy.

I have all I need right now. All I need is You.



The Path of Jacob

The Power of Restriction in Self Transformation



The Power of Restriction in Self Transformation

Building restriction was like working out – difficult at first, and required a lot of exertion, but once I got into the habit I started to experience the benefits of it – the high – the energy – the strength – the joy. I can’t live without it. I get stronger as I practice.

When something presents itself in front of me that I know will bring me darkness by actualizing – this is when to exercise restriction.

When I restrict from external dark forces, I illuminate what is internal and when I restrict from internal dark forces, I illuminate my external countenance.

By restricting from coveting another’s possessions, I show respect and appreciation for mine. By restricting from succumbing to anger, I strengthen my ability to rise above emotional reactivity. By not being as concerned about how others judge me, I can love myself more freely.

Restriction is a key component to my self transformation.

There’s a deep kabbalistic lesson in restriction hidden inside the light bulb – which works by housing negatively charged electricity and positively charged electricity, combining to make light. But this can only happen with a filament in the middle. Without it there is darkness.

The universe, and our interaction with it work in the same way.


Negative energy is represented on the tree of life as left column energy. Left column represents receiving energy.

Positive energy flows through the right side representing the desire to share – but without filament in the middle – the middle column of the tree of life – the light bulb doesn’t work.

The filament represents restriction or balance or transformation. When I restrict my selfish receiving desire and transform into a desire to share – that’s called restriction – and that’s what produces light – internally and collectively.

The three column system manifests itself throughout the universe in every detail of creation. I cannot escape it. The reminders are everywhere and in every thing – literally.

Negative (-) energy on the left, positive (+) energy on the right – and the energy of restriction in the middle for balance. The building blocks of every megapixel of physicality – the atom – when broken down, contains these three energies – the neutron, proton (+) and electron (-).

Restriction is a key component to creating harmony between masculine and feminine energy, within and collectively – to create the light of my home, the light of Shabbos, the light of intimacy and connection.

I’ve found that I am happier, more at ease, and feel more aligned with Source when I am exercising restriction.

Restriction is unlimited. I can always work at it – grow in it. And to the extent I do, I am able to ground more positivity and light into my experience.



The Power of Restriction in Self Transformation

Light from Darkness | The Blessing of a Point of View

israel 7/3/2015

Light from Darkness | The Blessing of a Point of View

The evil Balaam climbed the mountains to find the best vantage point of the Jewish camp to ascertain their weakness and thereby curse them, God forbid.

And a miracle occurred.

Everything was upended – the accuser became an advocate – in place of curses amazing blessings came out of his mouth.

There are times in life when it is revealed that what we had thought to be curses and negative events turned out to be the exact opposite – even beneficial – even blessings.

It’s all a matter of perspective – how we perceive things, what point of view we choose. To reach the light, we must traverse the darkness. It is a law of nature – like walking through a sun drenched field carrying a lantern – one who does not pass through darkness cannot see the great light.

The Source deals with us in this way so that at the end of our days we have borne enough darkness to have earned the ability to appreciate the great light. That is what the Source wants: that we see the light – but it can only be revealed from the midst of darkness.

We must view darkness from a new angle.

Precisely from the most difficult periods in our lives do the greatest salivations sprout.

We endure challenging times so as to reveal that Hashem is eternally found with us. When we have complete emunah (an innate conviction, a perception of truth that transcends, rather than evades, reason) that the Source is all-compassionate – all of the questions disappear.

This emunah fills a person with calm and grants her the fortitude to withstand all challenges. We must remember that the One Who is preventing our salvation is Hashem Himself, Who loves us immeasurably and only He knows what is best for us. We must never despair because we never know what the next moment holds for us. We must never let go of the desires and longings. This must be our point of view.

“He perceived no iniquity in Jacob, and saw no perversity in Israel” (Numbers 23:21)

A generous outlook is a formidable power – it leads us to a pleasant, happy and content life. It is so enjoyable to see only the good in others. If there is something negative – we look away. Primarily, a generous outlook requires us to look at ourselves favorably – for if we can’t see ourselves approvingly, we will constantly look for flaws in others to soothe ourselves.

Because of the kind eye of the nation of Israel, the evil eye of the wicked Bilaam could not hurt them. When a person has a positive outlook – no evil eye can harm him. He came to curse and he ended up blessing.

Sometimes in life, what appears to be a curse is really an incredible blessing – it depends on our point of view.

*The above words are drawn from Harav Menachem Azolai’s “Ohr Ha’Emuna”, and graciously translated by Dov Elias.

Shabbat shalom.



Light from Darkness | The Blessing of a Point of View

Soul Mingling | Jah is My Light

IMG_6732 6/26/2015

Soul Mingling | Jah is My Light

He said if it doesn’t bring you joy then why do it?

I said in the world of duality there’s two kinds of joy – one temporary and one authentic – this world is caught up on temporary joy but that leaves with the corpse. I dig eternal joy that for some begins after burial, but for the blessed few is experienced now – it burns superficial pleasures to a crisp. And that’s the secret my friend.

He said what’s up with that beard man. You look so much better with a tight groom. I said part of me agrees – the part that likes others liking how I look – the part that plays the role – that gives me that temporary pleasure. I said I’m trying to merge what’s up inside with my exterior – a complicated process for some to absorb. I said I’m jiving with the holy Zohar bro – the beard represents channels for Divine abundance and reflects supernal Godly qualities of kindness and trust, which I am called to embody.

He said that’s so 1800’s man why can’t you adapt to 2015. I said I’m not trapped in today man. I don’t wear my pants low and adorn myself with billboard fashion no more. What we wear is how we look to shape and express our identity. Holiness and humility seems like sucking the joy out of life – not dancing and drinking at the clubs all night seems like a departure from joy but for me it’s shedding the temporary to pursue a spiritually meaningful life.

He said you’re turning into a bland robot. I said, like Moses, the more I shed my ego the more room I make for the presence of the Creator to fill me in. And my ultimate joy is alignment with the Source- gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

He said can’t that be done with your head while your body is dancing through to the beat of this world. I said yes but it depends on what beat you are tuned to. I said we are meant to enjoy this world for sure but enjoying food to me is no longer like it is for a monkey. Enjoying pleasure for me is no longer like it is for a horse. That’s sideshow stuff man. I’m restricting from the unhealthy snacks with my eyes on the feast ahead.

He said I like what you are saying but it seems way too extreme for me. I’m just not there yet. I said we are where we are in relationship to our point of resistance. Like yoga man. Just be true to yourself and it opens up step by step. No rush man. It’s all about the desire in your heart.

He said how do I build my desire? I said now we are talking bro.

He said for real man, how do I break free and live like you? I said all you need to do is walk and talk with the Lord. See everything as a direct communication, follow your holy soul’s intuition to restrict from the pursuit of temporary and destructive pleasure and exert with all your might toward the pursuit of holy eternal joy.

He said how do I know which is which? I said check out the 613 man. 365 restrictions and 248 exertions – aligned to 365 sinews and 248 bones in your body. All pockets of light accessing the upper realms. I said the first step is to learn from the first of us – Abraham. Separate from your current structures, influences, social norms and expectations, desires, lusts, habits, preconceived ideas and external influences. Walk out of your parent’s idol shop and follow the voice of your Father in heaven.

He said how do I hear the voice? I said open your eyes, but opening your eyes at first is really closing them off to the external world. Ground yourself to the Source of all mega pixel projection and then look back out at the projections – learn the fundamentals before playing the game, learn the meaning of the words before uttering more chatter. Explore the link between your thoughts and your reality, intentions and outcomes.

He said why is God hidden. I said so you can find Him – and once you do He is no longer hidden. He said all I see is nature. I said look at the hand beneath the glove of nature – the force which blows the winds and sends the rains – the banger of the Big Bang.

He said ok, but what’s up with religion. That seems to separate people more than unite, seems like a place for the weak to find solace and purpose – for the masses to flock to seek comfort and meaning in a life of suffering that can’t be explained. I said those are great questions, and there’s no one liner responses. But I also said I believe that the manual came with the vehicle – that the Source did not fall short of sending a map to the maze – that the Creator left us with a job here – and authentic free will to accomplish it.

I said seek for yourself wisdom brother. Ask these questions and seek the answers for yourself because faith is not something that someone else can give to you. It works in reverse to what you see in this world. Hearing and knowing come only after doing. Naaseh v’ nishma. First the action then the knowing.

He said where do I start man? I said love your brother like yourself. It’s all a mirror, all one. I said real joy comes from giving. That’s how we widen the bandwidth of our pipes – we become a partner with the Source.  Pray for the health of another and health flows through you into them. Pray for the clarity of another and wisdom flows through you to them. That’s why we learn that if you are going through lack and you pray for another who is going through that same lack, your lack is hooked up first – like sustenance flowing from your mouth to your organs, the heavenly electricity flows through your cable en route to your brother.

Rig your joy to be activated through giving – and watch what flows through you next bro.

He said thank you. I said thank you.

Shabbat shalom.



Soul Mingling | Jah is My Light

Raise your head child



Raise your head child

Well this week’s post was a tough act to follow.

I can tell you that the blog and social media lit up as heart felt love and directed props poured through the universe. Sometimes the most sane wisdom comes from the darkest moments.

When you open a channel to a constricted pipe you experience an explosion of repressed expression – and when you hear a man in constriction expose his deepest darkest truths, it draws in our attention. We can relate in our own way. We feel proud because it represents raw and honest expression which is a very ventilating concept to those of us trapped in a world of self imposed boundaries and limitations. It’s fresh air that strikes a familiar nerve deep within anyone on the growth path of conscious living. Because on the path, at every turn, we meet our adversary whose purpose is to hold us down and guard us from reaching our potential – from raising our heads upwards.

Many have come out of the woodwork expressing their own darkness this week – and leaving them on the curb left to dry without another dose is just cruel. So here we go.

Nasso et Rosh– RAISE THE HEADS.

Even when we are knocked down, cycling through the mental obstacles we are facing – even when we feel banished from connection with the Source – especially then, we lift our heads.

We show up to service with open arms, open vessels, and plead to the Source like a loved child for mercy – for redemption – for stronger faith.

We raise our weary heads to the Source above, in pure honesty, humility and with the realization that every single thing comes from the Source – there is nothing but the Source above – all apparent duality and multiplicity comes from the One Source.

At service, on that bench, dressed up and surrounded with brothers and sisters – melting away from the grip of the week – with your list of wants and needs and requests for mercy on yourself and your loved ones – raising your head in authentic expression at that moment is a prerequisite.

Nasso, my bar mitzvah parsha, is about lifting my head to Hashem – expressing my desire and love of Hashem and requesting that He help me win this war. Only Hashem can rescue me as there is nothing other than Hashem.


“When Moses arrived at the tent of Meeting to speak with Him, he heard the Voice speaking to him from atop the Cover that was upon the Ark of the testimony, from between the two Chrubim, and He spoke to him.”

– Numbers 7:89

That same communication is going on today, every moment. The delight of experiencing the Divine Presence is the salvation. That’s winning the war. All other delights are fleeting. Shabbos Nasso gives us the opportunity to raise our heads and break free from our limitations – to re-establish our connection with the Source of our experience.

Our eternal soul is a giver and our temporary body is a taker. The joy experienced through giving is immeasurably greater than the pleasure of receiving. Soul connection is the desire to give, manifested.

The soul is an extension of the Source and the Source is endless blessing.

Soul connection is the experience of joy and sweetness in life. The sweetness of wisdom, connection and giving.

Lifting my head upwards means being in a constant state of gratitude for what appears to be going well and what appears to not be.

As the Baal HaSulam so eloquently put it:

“Eternal life is when you are ready to live every moment of your life forever”

Shabbat Shalom.



Raise your head child





When you gotta go, you gotta go – and when you wanna leave Egypt, you gotta make a run for it – there is no time to lose. According to the sages, Egypt is the archetype of limitation – and each one of us is bound by both internal and cosmic constraints.

We enter this world with a soul-makeup that profoundly influences our spiritual, intellectual and emotional inclinations – predisposing us to be a person of expansiveness or constraint, a walker or a talker, a doer or a watcher, an actor or a reactor.

Our head space is influenced by our home town environment, cultural assumptions and biases – and our surrounding family and bio-chemical makeup further imprints our process of being in the world. All of these factors subconsciously guide the choices we make on a daily basis and the way we interact with others.

Being mostly unconscious of this underlying structure, we live a reactive life rather than proactively creating the world we live in.


“The Exodus from Egypt” means becoming consciously aware and freeing ourselves of these limitations so that we can live the infinite life we are capable of and intended to experience.

The Passover Seder is the structural blue print and escape plans from the prison of constriction – our way out.


And since leaving Egypt is a state of mind we strive to manifest each moment of our lives, we must continuously re-enact it – not only on Passover night at the Seder, but each day we are graced with the privilege and blessing to be here on earth.

There is a verse that relates how we were instructed by the Source to partake of the Seder – it sets out a three-step program for freedom.

“You must eat the Passover Sacrifice with your hips girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand.” (Exodus, Bo 12:11)

Hips Girded: If we really want to leave Egypt today we need to “gird our loins” – this first phase involves summoning up our inner resources in preparation for action – preparing ourselves with the proper headspace of what’s about to go down when we make a run for it.

Shoes on your feet: The next phase of attaining freedom has to do with how the different aspects of ourselves interact, and the establishment of a working relationship between our higher (spiritual) and lower (animalistic) self – and this process corresponds to wearing shoes on our feet.

The crafting of shoes involves the utilization of animal skin assembled in order to adorn our feet – but there is deeper metaphysical correlation to shoes.

The purpose of the higher soul is to refine the animal so as to make it a vessel for truth and Godliness – enabling us to achieve the heightened state of loving and serving the Creator in joy with both inclinations – our physical and spiritual selves.

We are looking to work the animal within in such a way that it becomes a garment for who we really are – to harness it’s imagination and direct its passions in the direction of the Source of life.

Staff in your hand: The final step involves honest internal dialogue and engaging the mind in contemplative meditation. Like a stick to a dog, the “staff in hand” is a tool which is sometimes required to tame or guide the wild animal within.

We have the ability to lower ourselves into animalistic desires and tendencies to the point where our animal soul no longer has a connection to the intellect – and the only way to deal with this part of ourselves is to tame, guide and even “strike” the animal soul with a staff.

This is not a physical act. The metaphysical strike refers to the power of speech. We see this when Moses saw an Egyptian beating an Israelite to death and stepped in to save his brother’s life. When the Egyptian refused to stop, Moses “struck” the Egyptian – and Rashi teaches that this means that Moses struck and killed him through enunciating God’s name.

Striking evil with speech means waging war against our ego and delusions. The message we are looking to impart to our animal soul is the truth that the entire world is not running on its own. The Source may be hidden, but is embedded within the atoms directing everything we experience and beyond – that one day this will all become manifest, and the animal soul will be able to see it with physical eyes – the veil of illusion shall be lifted – the glory of the Source will be revealed, and all flesh on earth will together see that “the mouth of God has spoken”.

According to the Kabbalah, “the mouth of God has spoken” refers to the first commandment – “I am God your God who took you out of Egypt.”

The Hebrew word for the first “God” in the verse is Havaye, which is connected to the words haya (was), hoveh (is) and yi’heye (will be)

This name of the Creator alludes to God as He transcends time, space and all other limitations of the world.

Our work here is to harness this infinite expansiveness and internalize it.

This consciousness, that we are not bound in any way by the limitations of the world, becomes our strength and vitality – transforming our reality and effecting a personal exodus from Egypt.

And there is literally no better time than tomorrow night (Friday April 3rd), at the Passover Seder to transform our reality and break free from all forms of enslavement. Might be a good idea to list them out as a cheat sheet.

There is a certain power, a once a year opportunity hovering above us tomorrow night – and we don’t want to miss it. On Passover eve, the night that freedom was born, we experience freedom by following a sequence of 15 ordered steps called the “Pessach Seder” (Passover Order).

The 15 steps are:

1. Sanctify
2. Cleanse
3. Appetizer
4. Break
5. Tell
6. Wash
7. Bread
8. Matzah
9. Bitter
10. Wrap
11. Set the table
12. Hidden
13. Bless
14. Praise
15. Accepted

The first step, “Kadesh” (Sanctify) corresponds to our transcending of the mundane world – and once we’ve set ourselves free from material slaveries, we can then return and sanctify them. That is when true spiritual freedom begins – when we introduce a higher purpose into every physical act we do.

And the final step, “Nirtza” (Accepted) corresponds to us doing nothing – it’s time for the Source to take over. We are not designed to be perfect. Once we’ve done what we can do, it’s time to focus on the good and strengthen our faith even more.

For over 3,300 years we have been making freedom runs from Egypt – doing our jobs of transforming the darkness of this world into light – and now it’s the Creator’s turn to lift us up out from slavery and banish the darkness once and for all – bringing perfect illumination to our path for eternity.

Chag Kasher v’Sameach (Wishing you a happy and kosher holiday)