My setup here is fishy




My setup here is fishy

Dear Hashem,

I just had a very troubling discussion with my Rav.

Troubling in that it made me feel that I am trying to force Your hand in my life – and that I may be setting myself up for a downturn by taking on acts of devotion tied to the manifestation of certain things in my life.

He said my set up here is fishy.

That it’s not in accordance with all the Torah he has learned and the sages whose ways he has witnessed.


Now, he did start off the conversation with a bunch of reinforcing complements about my recent growth and how proud he was of me, etc.. But I’m troubled because my Rav said I’m doing something flawed. And my gut response was to be defensive and push him away and to be upset with him and think he is wrong and doesn’t really understand what I’m doing here.

The truth is I know he wants the best for me at least as much as I want it for myself.

But isn’t it OK to focus so intently on something that we are striving for in order to manifest a goal? To search out and edit aspects of our lifestyle which may be blocking an outcome in the name of clearing a path to ignite a desired result. Isn’t that a successful equation?

How do we align spiritually for something we so hope to accomplish in our life?

What about the Kabbalistic principal of building the requisite desire to achieve an objective and through restriction and exertion drawing in the desired light?

I started this daily hitbodidut commitment because I wanted something. So the question is, would I be this focused and consistent and connected even if I knew I wasn’t going to get what I was asking for?

It’s like a misbehaving child when we take away her toy will produce the most sincere sounding apologies, saying anything to get that toy back – but if she knew that she wasn’t getting that toy back she would still be complaining in her room. So her words are not really sincere because they are tied to an outcome which may or may not occur.

So what am I broadcasting to You here? Under these circumstances, Is it really in my best interest to give me what I am praying for? Or will that just cool me off and pull me back further from the yearning and connection I’m experiencing now?

I’m realizing that I need to not be attached to the outcome.

That the highest level, which I am striving for, is to not do things for the reward or even for the world to come but to simply do things because all I want is to connect to You. And just when I reach this level then giving me what I am praying for no longer will harm me.

I have to first let go, do my work and let You do Your work, and if it is Your will, then it will come. And if it is not Your will, so be it.

My lesson?

Serve Hashem for the sake of serving Him because that’s my purpose here. That’s the path to real joy. Serve Hashem without any agenda or fishy deals.

Sure, pray for things, but don’t commingle material demands and expectations with service – it takes the sincerity away. It takes the higher levels of why I’m doing what I’m doing away.

Growth that’s dependent on something is not real growth – only growth that’s in the name of heaven is real growth. Because if what you are depending on doesn’t materialize than what happens to your growth?

Fishy because you put your fate in the hands of a desired outcome – something other than Hashem’s will alone. You can’t force Hashem’s hand. Blessing will come when you are aligned, period. It will come in the form that Hashem chooses. Expectations and entitlements only detract from humility and gratitude.

I can still want and pray for what I want and pray for. But the approach should be checked – it should be kosher – listening to the wisdoms of our guides can seem painful at first. The pain comes from their truth. And the truth burns like fire. Best to singe ourselves now to avoid the fishy fires to come.




My setup here is fishy

Adventures in Hitbodidut | Divine negotiation at midnight


Adventures in Hitbodidut | Divine negotiation at midnight

I know that Your laws of teshuva (returning to my true nature) allow for quantum leaps because I know that sincere teshuva on my deathbed can rectify all past disconnection.

Just like the enslavement from my past and anxieties about my future can hijack the now, so too can being in the moment free me from the past and future.

And I know that You created the Angels and I know that You empowered the Angels with control over the stars and I know that the stars and my name influence my life and I know that You created the orb of time and space from the Ein Sof (no ending-ness) and I know that You created the 10 Sefirot and I know that You uttered the 10 Utterances and commanded the 10 Commandments and unleashed the 10 plagues and I know that You are supervising over me 24/7 and I know that You love when I talk with You and pour out my truth and I know that You remind me to look at my good points because You love me and I know that every challenge and obstacle I am encountering comes from Your mercy and provides me with the opportunity to grow. So thank You for that because I know that one day  I’ll be looking back on this and seeing clearly all of Your goodness and I know that I feel free just saying this and I know that being intertwined with Your Will is the highest joy because I know what it feels like to be dis-aligned with You and I know how You call me back to You.

So, “Communicate Your innermost wisdom to me again in loving closeness, for Your friendship is dearer than all earthly delights”

-Song of Songs

I’m asking for a quantum leap my Master. I’m one of the few who dreams of complete teshuva but my bones are fragile from past dis-alignment. So I’m begging You for mercy. Lead my way with Your light and make my journey pleasing to my loved ones.

Hashem only You know what is best for me and what path is for me. At least let me remember this every moment to sweeten the judgements of life. Let me remember that You are concealed in every one of my experiences – giving me the perfect opportunity to rectify my past disconnection.

And then I heard from You tonight: “That’s the fine wine of freedom.”

That’s divine consciousness and that takes work to maintain and that comes in flashes of lightning. And this is one of them. But like Ben Franklin we can go out to the fields in the storms and fly our kites in the wind with a key attached and conduct lightning. And this is hitbodidut – lightning connection in the storm of reality and the healing waves of divine wind come flowing in proportion to the breath that flows from our mouths to the Creator.

My goal, my Master? To run the command center for Moshiach and support distributors of liberating light and truth, like Rav Dror and Rav Baruch. To bring Rav Chanan’s family in and liberate souls one by one starting with my own and then my family and friends and surrounding community of souls. I want my boys as personal agents of the Melech haMoshiach. And I want to sit at his table with my family in joy.

I’m asking You for a promotion. Can we call the past the past? I will if You will. And can I get a few wishes please?

Gevurah she’be Gevurah (Discipline of discipline)



Adventures in Hitbodidut | Divine negotiation at midnight

A cigar on the beach



A cigar on the beach

At last you’ve arrived at the ocean’s edge – towel and sunscreen in hand – ice cold Perrier to wash down Pfizer’s latest and greatest – kick off the haviannas, lay your old bones down on the lounge chair and gaze out at the ocean’s horizon for a moment before diving into that fiction thriller. The vacation destination – the purpose of our hard work – where we can detach for a moment, take in what life is really about – and just relax and breathe. Many good folks spend their last silver and golden years on that chair with the screaming pigeons circling above – watching wave after wave.


And here comes the Beach Comber – that man in timberlands, winter hat, cargo pants and a 1977 insulated jacket – in 85 degrees – with his metal detector fully extended – waving it back and forth, back and forth – day after day sifting through the sand, seeking the gems left behind – “beeping out.”


I know a man who, for “vacation”, travels to the outer most spiritual boundary of connectivity to the energy of the land of Israel – to Uman, Ukraine – the home of the grave of the great one – the holy one – the prophet to our days, Rebbe Nachman ben Faiga – to “escape”.

This man beeps out sifting through the souls of the nation promised to be more numerous than the grains of sand on the sea shore – seeking the hidden precious sparks left behind. Pulling gems from the lowest places –  nursing them to spiritual health with the wisdom of experience and truth.

To the seeker of Source: Vacations are not about escaping work – they’re about escaping the distractions of our real Work.

When we enter the world as babies we can’t walk, and when we get really old, we can’t walk once again. During our few years of physical functionality, it’s become easier and easier to hit the auto pilot button. Technology has our lives by the short hairs. That’s why moments of breaking through the canvas of our experience – stabbing holes for rays of eternal light to penetrate, are more vital than ever. This is hitbodidut (active personal all out legit dialogue – poetry rap style with the Creator and Sustainer of our experience) – and I just can’t seem to stop writing about it.

If you’re inspired by the words of Rebbe Nachman, and don’t take time for hitbodidut – you’re connected to his teachings from an academic perspective – we need to dive into and experience his words – and only then will we comprehend their meaning. Hitbodidut was numero uno on his to-do list.

Prophecy comes when you make the time for it. Illumination arrives when you prepare a vessel to contain it.

Hitbodidut is spiritual surgery to repair a day’s worth of hard knocks to our vessel.

Out of body perception is on display at a theater near you – here and now, during moments of hitbodidut.

It’s not a good look as a grown adult to still be carrying around your baby blanky. Sometimes it takes sincere conversation with our Maker to identify – to let go of our old rags – those auto-tune traits that pepper our personality and dampen our shine. And once we get it – it’s just uncivilized to not share it.

What differentiated Moses from Noah? Moses did not stop at directing us to build an arc to traverse through physicality toward the eternal homeland. Moses refused to go without us. The enlightened sage involves himself in – and takes on, the suffering of others – anchoring himself into our experience – as a bridge we walk on – we rely on, to go onward.

I’m beginning to realize what the sages meant when they would say that “all that I’ve written until today is just an introduction to the wisdom I experience” – a crumb of a crumb of the wisdom housed within – with no words worthy to effectively carry their transmission externally – not enough ink.

That’s why some of the deepest wisdom was embedded within stories – child-like simple stories which contain the depths of unlimited knowledge.

More time must be spent working on our inner essence than the egoic shell – at least a measly five minutes a day – and in a physical world, subject to the laws of time and space – we need to follow the Creator’s lead – and carve out our point of focus, through carving through our physical attributes, to make room for spiritual connection – as He carved away His Ein Sof (unlimited eternal essence) to make room to reveal His attributes in the physical world.

Hitbodidut is when we get to think about this all for a moment.

Best of luck to those who set sail without a map, who plow forward without re-strategizing – who enter Super Bowl Sunday without reviewing the clips of past games. If you still haven’t tried it yet, I admire your will and bravado – but it may be wise to consider experimenting with a system designed and tested to achieve a higher level of joy and meaning.

Hey, I can always start a second blog called “Seekers of what you’re comfortable hearing”. Or, send a daily automated post with emoji’s and pick me ups – but I’m in basic training here –a fellow soldier in the army of the General King Source Himself.

The sound of all of our unique instruments together – the sound of serving the Source in joy – the music of heaven broadcasted from right here – the music of King David’s 10 Sefirot harp – the orchestrated harmony of fulfilling our collective purpose – will bring redemption through mercy.

A wise man once told me that he finally figured out how to enjoy a cigar on the beach — with the wind at your back.

The direction of our perspective determines the satisfaction of our experience.



A cigar on the beach

Moon Pie



Moon Pie

The greatest purpose we were given was to mold duality into unity. The most sacred application of this task occurs between masculine and feminine energy – the holy covenant of soul mates.

Moments we allow ourselves the luxury of deep reflection and accounting are peppered with treasure chests of sparks of wisdom and understanding – accessing this wisdom leads us to a state of freedom time.

There’s an actual bond – a connection we have – a Briss (covenant) with the Creator.

The idea of Briss (covenant – in general, but usually associated with the circumcision of a child), is a fascinating concept – a covenant with the Source. A permanent physical mark, with the deepest spiritual significance.

Briss is not limited to a child’s Briss when he’s 8 days old – one day above nature – where “nature” is intended to signify the world having been created by the Source in 7 days of creation.

Briss represents our continued obligation to rise up to a level of standard fit for a nation of priests channeling the light of the Source.

Sefer Yetzirah (the Book of Formation), in its most basic translation, mentions another Briss – a covenant of the mouth – through which prayer and blessing originate – and both the traditional lower mark of the Briss, and the split which allows for the production of words – are connected to the center column of the Tree of Life.

Kabalistically, this center column represents the Tree of Good and Evil, because the realms of good and evil co-exist, intermingling with each-other in the center column – along the lumbar spine – just saying. We were told to eat from the Tree of Life – not from the center column, the “Tree of Knowledge of good and evil”.

The holy covenant involves elevating the foundation of creative expression to its highest purpose. This covenant also exists in our physical relationship with the world, and in the sanctity of our relationship with our soul mate.

Since our past is the seed which impregnates our future, let’s all agree to the following:

  1. Only plant good seeds
  2. Perceive our circumstance as an opportunity to heal past events.

The secret weapon of mass formation – A.K.A. – hitbodidut – works like plugging a device into a power outlet – Divine messages engrave our heart –  clarity pierces through cloudy visions – that’s what time spent during one on one private dialogue with the Source produces. All kinds of things can come up, and the codes of wisdom are contained in the messages sent – they become apparent and obvious. Your body reacts physically when Divine communication is absorbed – like the chills, and neck hair standing, and goose bumps – prophecy in the old days was achieved while convulsing with Divine messages, which the body just couldn’t absorb fully in its natural state – having to rock and shake to detach from the perceived steadiness of physicality – to grab the next rung up – to receive the higher energy and guidance – to articulate Divinity –  to perceive the future.

Deciding on the take away message of a session of hitbodidut is accomplished through processing and understanding the wisdom shined from above – containing the message and integrating it. Specifics on its integration and application will reveal themselves.

The luxury – the midlife gift of giving yourself (really, one hour a day – but really to start, even just 5 minutes of sincere time a day in active private dialogue with the Creator, should be our most cherished pleasure) elevating this need to connect, recognizing the value of relying on a daily authentic connection to the Source. The relationship and dialogue generates more than faith – it produces confidence and certainty.

So much will come from that 5 mins when you learn to access a window to your subconscious through understanding the secrets of the unfolding of our formation.

When the new moon is shining, the unity of the sacred bond aligned and love reigns – when the depths of unconditional love radiates so strong – the face of the Moon Pie unfolds into its natural state of Emunah, healthy, joy – Divine connection.

I am forever and eternally grateful to my soul mate, Stephanie.




Moon Pie

The Joyous Sculpter



The Joyous Sculpter

“But now, O LORD, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand” (Isaiah 64:8)

Who do we want to be in our life? What are we looking to accomplish during these few years?

These questions deserve sincere reflection and come down to an honest dialogue with ourselves – the establishment of a goal, and a system designed to measure our progress toward achieving it.

We know it’s not going to be smooth sailing, it’s gonna be filled with tests and challenges, let downs and new beginnings, joy and satisfaction, contemplation and meaning.

I have found that I keep running into the same obstacles over and over again until I take the necessary action to overcome the obstacle. And then I am faced with a brand new one.

Frustration and pain come from bumping up against the same old obstacle and walking away in defeat. It brings up and exposes our weakness and perceived limitations. How we respond to the exposure of our weakness defines who we are. When the pain of repeated defeat reaches a certain threshold, we either give up and settle – or we summon up the strength to push through and overcome. With this comes a feeling of satisfaction. The satisfaction of exerting the required effort to overcome our test – the joy of exercising our will to reach new heights.

It all comes down to will. In Hebrew, the word will is called Ratzon. With regard to the power of will, it is said, nothing stands before the force of one’s will, and, there is nothing as forceful as will.

Keter (Crown), the pinnacle on the Tree of Life is referred to as Ratzon – which means God’s Will or Desire. The nature of Keter is Ain (No-thingness) – and Ain Sof (the Infinite) – God’s Will is, therefore, the potential of creation -from beginning to end – Infinite Potential. Yet, at the same time – God’s Will is all that was, is or ever shall be – and through potential, God’s Will is everything actualized.

“God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27)

We were created with the power – and are the only ones who can implement change in our lives. We can continue to just wing it, waking up to the same reality each morning, bumping into the same obstacles, or we can design a system to reshape ourselves into who we really are at our highest potential.  This is our Work – and it applies to our career, our physical health, our emotional state, and our spiritual evolution.

No one else can do this Work for you. You can be inspired by the teaching of others, by friends, guides and sages but no one else can do the work for you. They can only remind you of the work that must be done and model for you how to get it done.

We are dealt with circumstances which we are capable of handling – and we were given the tools to reach our potential – but the desire has to come from within, and it must be strong enough. We need to reach that place where we close our eyes and just jump into our potential no matter what is in front of us. We need to identify with our will – not with who we see in the mirror at this moment. Our reflection constantly changes – our level of desire is a choice – and it is our desire that the Source is looking for from us.

You can take away someone’s health, you can take away their freedom, you can take away their loved ones – but you can never take away their desire.

We need to get to that place where we feel that we have nothing left to lose. This can come through tragedy or it can come through reasoning – our own realization that the same old is not working – it’s not enough.

Without actively shaping our lives – pushing through obstacles through the implementation of our will, we continue the cycle of pain – from the perspective of the distance between where we are versus who we are. And who we really are, is not limited by the obstacles we face. Who we really are is our desire, our will.

The Source is the molder and we are his clay – and our role is to align with His attributes and mold our experience. Like He carved a space for creation to exists and manifest through His will, so to must we carve that space within ourselves – pushing aside our limitations – making room for our potential to be unleashed. We can only accomplish this through the exertion of our will.

Joy comes from the strength of applying our will – to becoming a more evolved person – to overcome adversity and challenge.

Pain comes from letting the cycles of defeat repeat themselves over and over again – but it’s important that we understand why this process is perfect and necessary – without that pain – that reminder – we would not have the impetus to summon the strength to make that change -so discomfort is really our friend on the path of growth.

We see it during physical therapy- we need to get in touch with that point of pain and gently work through it to expand from our current state of constriction to gain increased flexibility and strength.

The method to initiate, implement and monitor the process of exerting our will successfully is through spending time in Hitbodidut (active personal reflective meditative dialogue with the Source – where we lay it all out on the table as if we are talking with our best friend) – reviewing where we are, taking stock of our current state, being honest, reminding ourselves who we really are and where we need to get to. Identifying the blockages in the way – and charting day after day our path and progress.

Hitbodidut is the biggest blow to the adversary for this purpose – because it threatens his grip over us remaining stuck in the same cycle of limitation and defeat.

Hitbodidut is a valuable tool for lasting change. It’s wise to force ourselves to start.

The time for honesty is now. The time for growth is now. The time to implement change is now.

We can spend hours every day in a state of anxiety. It is critical to implement a few minutes a day dedicated to becoming who we are and want to be.  This is our time – these few years to become who we are, accomplish our soul correction, reach our potential.

Rebbe Nachman said that Hitbodidut is the most important thing.

Hitbodidut is when we shine a clear light on the paralyzing characteristics which hold us back. Spending time saying “I have the power to design my life – who I want to be – to design the person I want to be”.  I may not know exactly how the steps are to be taken but I do have an idea of the person I wanna be. I don’t wanna be a victim. I have the power to operate as the designer, to make the change – to take inventory of what’s not working and design plans of what will work.

We are taught that at the end, we are measured by our desire. The Source wants our Will. In order to build up our will, we need to be placed into circumstances that test it – so that we can have the opportunity to exert it at higher levels.

Hitbodidut is the tool that gives us the time to reflect on our progress –  how we are incorporating the strategy of directing our will toward restricting from the same reactive behavioral patterns – and exerting our will toward reaching our highest potential.

There is no better time to set sail toward new beginnings geared toward the pursuit of authentic joy than (literally) today – Rosh Chodesh Adar (the new moon of Pisces)


“When Adar arrives, we increase our joy”. (Talmud – Taanit 29a)

Be on the lookout for massive levels of JOY starting today. We are now officially entering the Hebrew month of Adar – the month of good fortune.

The sages say that Adar is the best month to try to remove your personal barriers to holiness. And by removing those barriers, you create the potential for the greatest joy.

True happiness comes through using the pleasures of this world to elevate our consciousness in order to bind our thoughts to spirituality.

But joy is not merely an end in itself – It is a tool for higher states of consciousness.

A person who experiences true joy is lifted above the mundane – able to see the world in a more elevated way. It’s the adversary – that side of us that relates more to the body than the soul, which actually desires stagnation and depression -and leads us there. Joy is increased when we focus on our blessings – depression is increased when we focus on our lack. We have the power to choose between the two.

Adar is characterized by joy because it is the month of transforming dread into joy.

Adar contains the power to succeed against an opposing force – both on a national level and on an individual level. If you look within yourself and recognize your worst enemy – whether it’s anger, confusion, pride, lust or jealousy – this is the month in which you may conquer it. When you see the Source’s hand in your life – and realize how He gives you the potential to defeat your enemies – then you’ve discovered the source of life’s greatest joy.

This Adar, (today) may we be inspired to drum up the required will to conquer our enemies – whether they come from afar, or from deep within ourselves. This is the great opportunity of this month.

Mishenichnas Adar Marbim B’Simcha, (When the month of Adar arrives we should increase our joy)

Shabbat Shalom.



The Joyous Sculpter

Riding the waves of pain

Hawaiian surfing culture


Riding the waves of pain

Ok, so as you can tell from the title –  no recovery stories to share yet. But I did realize this morning that, thank the Source of life, I’m alive, and so is my family. But, the gratitude, while authentic, soon fizzled out – submitting to the distraction of piercing electric shocks radiating down my left leg.

I’m realizing how challenging it is to separate my physical experience and spiritual path – to maintain focus on my soul’s mission to the degree that stabbing nerve pain drifts out of focus. I mean, it does make sense to me, and I believe that it’s the truth – but man it’s been hard to integrate.

You’d think that now with all this going on I’d have so much more to meditate on, to communicate with the Source with – truth is I’ve been slacking on hitbodidut (active personal meditative reflection and communication with the Source) even before this happened. I now seem to gravitate more toward long meditative periods of focus on my pain – which really doesn’t seem too wise – seems like something that an adversarial force would lure me into. It’s like obsessively tracking a future storm or watching the same loop of news over and over.

Something just occurred to me.

As we’ve learned, we were created with the ability to – through our actions – stimulate the flow of Divine benevolence. One who wants Divine compassion in their life will express compassion to another. One who wants relief from pain in their life will try to help alleviate another’s pain. One who wants deeper connection to the Source – especially during painful experiences – will work on that connection rigorously.

So what does all this mean to me, now?

I need to look for opportunities to be compassionate towards others, attempt to help alleviate other people’s pain and anxieties, and commit to longer periods of daily hitbodidut – to get reconnected with the Source.

The compassion toward others should help clear the blockages and expand my bandwidth to usher in Divine benevolence – and the hitbodidut should stimulate the flow of higher perception, dropping clues to uncover the purpose of my pain – and hopefully, retire it.

Look, this is all a live and learn process. What I have certainty in, is that nothing happens to us for no reason.  The key is to apply our wisdom in real time – to maintain faith no matter what – so that when we eventually re-emerge, we can come up stronger – better equipped for the next test. And, thank the Source for tests – these custom catered opportunities to grow and achieve greater heights. Life would be pointless without them.

Well, thanks for letting me vent. I now have a plan. Off to an hour of hitbodidut.  I’ll keep you posted.

Shavua tov (have a great week),


Riding the waves of pain

Bedtime episodes of deep Torah exchange by a 9 year old



Bedtime episodes of deep torah exchange by a 9 year old

*The following unedited prophetic words were channeled by my holy son, Lev Tzion last night.

Title: “If you’re wondering why you don’t get enough respect”

Author: Lev Tzion Butler

The world is created for three reasons:

1. For never ending happiness and joy
2. For us to work for Olam Habbah (the world to come) and Moshiach (the coming of the Messiah)
3. For free will

If a person wants respect, respect is going to run away from him or her, as they say. The world is created for three reasons, as I said earlier, and there is no reason for one certain person to get all of the respect. That person who got all the respect, you would think that he would be the only one who gets the big sin – but no. If that person had all of the respect, that means that basically all of the people in the world would be doing a sin because he would basically be acting like HaShem, because HaShem is the one who gets all the respect because He created the world. And HaShem was the one who created that person, so that means that HaShem should be getting that respect that the person has. And HaShem made it so that people don’t just not get all the respect, but also doesn’t get just what they always want – and I personally think that HaShem is good for making those things that we should work for and that is why HaShem created us, to work for those things.

From Etan Butler’s son, Lev

PS. “Bring love to all. If you do a little, it could do a lot”.

PPS.” Abba, first of all we should move in with your Rabbi – I have to talk with him about a lot of things”.

Both of my 9 year old sons, Gal Zohar and Lev Tzion then asked me to ask them any question that they could provide an answer to. So I asked them the following question, and their responses to it are listed below:

Question: If HaShem created the world to give us never ending happiness and joy, and if giving charity is what opens up the pipes of blessing into our lives – then why is it that sometimes when a person gives charity, he does not see an increase in the flow of abundance in his life?

Lev Tzion’s answer: “No one realizes that they’re still alive. They just want want want want want everything and are so focused on wanting things that they don’t even realize that HaShem already paid them back by making them alive – people just realize that they want everything.”

Gal Zohar’s answer: “ You may think that HaShem is paying you back with money, but really its happiness, health and a good family – and some people are in the street – you should be thankful that you have a house and a family and that’s your payment from HaShem.”


During my evening hitbodidut, I thought about how there are moments in our lives where breakthroughs occur, and we receive a burst of true soul knowledge that speaks crystal clearly to us. An awakening from above met with an awakening from below resulting in true daas (fully integrated understanding, knowing)

The process of spiritual evolution requires us to recognize parts of ourselves which are not in alignment with the Source – to shine the light on our destructive tendencies, self sabotaging behaviors, and to formally let go of bad habits. Those on the path of evolution are going through this process at every moment. The process works in the following order:

First we access internal honesty –  which leads to weighing our actions – leads to sensitizing ourselves to the vibrations we emit through our behaviors – leads to gratitude for the holy and connected areas of ourselves and the love of the light; the clarity of the Divine dance – leads to honoring our true selves – our eternal souls.

This establishes a connection to and identification with our good points within.

This level of awareness and authenticity leads to openness – leads to seeking – leads to finding a guide – leads to integration of wisdom – leads to growth – leads to strength – leads to evolution – leads to incubating and housing insights – leads to sharing – leads to leading – leads to creating – leads to the Source.

It is up to us to work to increase our sensitivity to behaviors which need to change. This requires awareness and introspection – and then the courage to implement the wisdom which follows, and to share it with others.


Etan, Gal and Lev

Bedtime episodes of deep Torah exchange by a 9 year old