The gift to the friend who needs you now



The gift to the friend who needs you now

Honoring the ever present link between physical life experience and spiritual root cause, the seeker weaves life’s signs together into a rope of Divine communication.

Shattering duality between effect and cause, the seeker strives to associate physicality with spiritual root cause. Seeing through a spiritual lens, each moment is magnified into something above time and space.

The seeker feels that confident in his powers.

His powers cannot be denied once discovered. It becomes his obligation and calling to help lead others into the realms he discovers. It becomes his purpose and his own path to self expression and joy.

Life experienced through five senses of physicality alone, is a 3D movie without the glasses.

More alarmingly, the dualist challenges the spiritual root cause to gain his attention through the amplification of physical effect.

The Creator is All Merciful. He will not leave us stranded in the desert of duality, wasting life away in madness for too long. He sends His callings through the 5 senses we perceive with. Through nature He awakens the slumberers and leads us back to His captive unity. Down to our knees we cry and return out of love.

The volume is proportionate with the level of awakening required to shift the seeker back toward the spiritual root cause – the point where authentic evolution occurs.

And when he sees unity again, he sees the big picture in the smallest particles – his pains and anxieties melt away. Victomhood falls. Walls of Fear crumble. Entitlement dissolves. Temptation reveals its dark colors. Mental loops flatten. Yesterday and tomorrow, time and space merge into one. Every molecule is programmed to play a role in the endless unity of the One.

It is soothing to walk with the understanding that all comes from Hashem and all is for the good, as hidden as it may seem at times.

What advice would you give to the hamster on the wheel with a door at the side of its cage, yet so focused on the sugar water it consumes briefly while at the top of the wheel hanging from a ledge?

It’s freedom is trapped in the physical moment of satiation from occasional swigs of liquid.

It’s joy limited to the momentary satisfaction it receives from the potion, and the heavy sleep it falls to from a long days work on the wheel . Stuck in the cycle of work sleep work sleep like a slave in Egypt.

Kindness is not adding sugar to the water or another step to the wheel. Kindness is leading him through the door to freedom. And freedom comes from understanding wisdom and integrating it, not scratching itches.

In order to be a good friend you have to constantly strengthen yourself in applying your understanding of the wisdom so that you internalize what to give of to your friend.

You strengthen yourself by desiring to align your true self, your eternal soul, with the front end circuit board of your personality. Interior and exterior alignment through transforming exterior components of personality, ego, the emotional system, into reflectors of the soul like the moon does the sun.

A friend needs strength and faith. Light from darkness. The greatest joy comes from lifting up others who are down. Right Dube? And if we look around us we will see the ones who are calling.

The highest kindness is to help liberate a friend’s mind. To emancipate him from inner slavery. To bring him to the joys of life.

Shabbat Shalom.



The gift to the friend who needs you now

10 minutes of hitbodidut in the morning



10 minutes of hitbodidut in the morning

Hitbodidut (active personal meditative reflection and communication with the Source) is where the real work gets done – it’s where the relationship is built. It’s where we talk with the Source in our own language like we are talking with a best friend – where we lay it all out on the table. No formalities needed – it’s about being brutally honest.

You can yell and make demands. You can curse out of frustration. Plead your case for what you want and why. Make deals. It’s the time to express what’s really going on – to cry and let it all out to our Father in heaven. It’s also an opportune time to express gratitude for our greatest blessings.

Hitbodidut allows for us to develop the right headspace to navigate our lives – to reflect on the patterns of our life – to take our spiritual temperature – to feel the reverberations of our negative attributes – to recognize how the wall of our ego is blocking our connection to those we love – to gain perspective on how long it’s been since we’ve expressed love to a family member or focused on their needs.

The adversary wants our lives to be in fast motion. Always looking down at an iPhone, numbing out through vices, letting time pass without recognizing our unconsciousness – recovering from the slavery of our days – awaiting the next vacation from our work.

Winging it is not an effective way toward spiritual development. Meditation is the main structure which allows for us to develop and maintain the structures of our life.

Otherwise, we wait until a disaster to make change. And, sometimes disaster is what we need in order to wake up. By judging our own actions every day, we eliminate the need for judgments from above. By returning to our true selves, we eliminate the need for wake up calls. By expressing gratitude for the most important basics of our lives, we become worthy recipients for more.

Hitbodidut is a very overwhelming and distant concept for most people. But it’s something we can incorporate into our lives pretty easily right now.

I use the end of my morning Amidah (the silent standing prayer) for 10 minutes of hitbodidut. I start off with gratitude. I go through my family – my wife and children, one by one. I envision their faces and their emotions. I reflect on how much I am stepping up for them in their lives, what more I can do, where I can step out of the way to let them develop and step in to celebrate them. I offer a prayer for their health, happiness, artistic expression and spiritual development. For their friendships and connection to positivity, and joy in their connection to the Source. I go further and pray for my children’s soul mates, that they unite with a holy match who brings out the best in them and supports them. That they have healthy and holy children who are connected to truth. I pray for their material and spiritual success and for their joy throughout the process.

I pray for my family, my parents, grandparents, siblings, their spouses and children – all one by one, saying their names and seeing them and connecting to their journey – where they are today – and offer a custom prayer for blessing and growth and joy in their lives.

I express gratitude for my spiritual guides, one by one. For the spiritual ammunition they have provided me and the clarity they give me through continued guidance. For the effects they have had and still do on my relationship with myself, my wife and children, and the world. For shepherding me from slavery to freedom through deep understandings of life, Divine purpose and perspective. I pray for their health and success.

I express gratitude for my business partners, for their friendship, generosity and wisdom – whose mazel (drip from above) is intertwined with mine. For their spiritual development and health and joy and success. For their families health and happiness.

For my friends who inspire me and support me in every way.

I ask for help from above to completely align my will with the will of the Source.

And then I offer a prayer for our nation and for all of mankind. For global peace and unity. For conscious leadership. I pray for all those around the world who are suffering to be granted relief. For all in constriction to see the light and move closer toward it.

I feel that without this time, I can just let the day pass without giving myself the opportunity to see joy in what I’ve been blessed with and to express appreciation for those blessings. I feel that without this time, I can just wing it through the day – reacting to what comes at me, rather than proactively connecting to that which gives me purpose and joy. I feel that this is the wisest use of 10 minutes during my morning.



10 minutes of hitbodidut in the morning

A prayer for a friend in need


A prayer for a friend in need

I was asked by a close friend to help compose a prayer for a newly established prayer group. This group will be meeting weekly for the purpose of offering a collective prayer in the merit of one of their friends who is undergoing surgery for a serious disease.

Here it is:

Holy Power in heaven thank you for my life, thank You for the miracles You shine on me every day. Thank You for leading us together as a group to connect with each other and offer the fruits of our connection to You. Master of the universe, Source of life and love and blessing. Your ways are beyond our understanding and only through faith can we bridge the gap and see beyond our self imposed boundaries and limitations. I offer all I am, my ego, self perception, wants and needs to You, my Source, my Sustainer. May Your light shine upon us as we bend our will to Your will so that Your will becomes our will. Illuminate me with faith, blessing, peace and abundant health. Fill me with more and more faith that You are here with me every step, through every challenge – strengthen me with this knowing and have mercy upon your child. Wink at me through nature to encourage me. In love and gratitude, Your humble servant. Amen.



A prayer for a friend in need