The Next Test



The Next Test

“Behold, I set before you a blessing and a curse.”

-The Source

“Torah, for those who merit it, becomes an elixir of life. Torah, for those who lack such merit, becomes a potion of poison and death.”

-The Talmud

Torah is instruction designed to teach us the truth about the Creator. Torah means direction, teaching, instruction or doctrine.

The words of Torah are a blessing, or a poisonous curse.

If your deeds are pure, the words of the Torah become the elixir to life and joy – but if your deeds are spoiled and bent then those same words of Torah can become a lethal poison. How?

The words of Torah are truth. Cosmic law. Divine law. Reality.

Joy comes through alignment with truth. Pain comes from dis-alignment. When your actions are aligned with Torah, its words of wisdom reinforce the spirit of joy within. Its words become a blessing.

But when you fall to base desires, and by choice separate and become dis-aligned, it doesn’t change the truth – the words of the Torah. Those words just become painful to face, because you are in a low place as a result of your own choices.

The key to a joyous life is to align with the truth. To align your actions to the truth. Then you can feel the joy in the words of Torah and bask in the blessings surrounding you – through your choices to rise above the pullings of your adversarial force.

You rise higher through restricting from the alluring call of base desires – impulses pulling you to dishonesty, lust, anger, ego, revenge, addiction, jealousy and fear. These are the internal and external gods which we are warned to not worship in Exodus, “You shall have no other gods before Me”.

King David said it himself, “There shall be no strange god in you, neither shall you worship any strange god.”

That flare of anger, that high, is a strange internal god. That persons property is a strange external god.

When you overcome a test, you experience a burst of exertion followed by a flow of sustained joy. When you succumb to a lower pull, you experience a flash of adversarial release followed by sustained pain. You further envelop yourself in the husk of illusion and physicality.

And the tests keep presenting themselves, one after the other, day after day. Fortunately for us, the Source is all merciful – “slow to anger and quick to forgive”. But this just leads us to the next opportunity where the choice is ours once again.

All these tests are here for a reason. Through them, our heart’s desire is measured. Our will is established. And according to the sages, at the end, it’s the will, the ratzon, which we are responsible for, not how high we climbed or how far we traveled.

We need to show up to the fountain of blessing with a strong vessel.

Poor choices can crack the vessel we need to hold the blessings coming to us. Wise choices strengthen the vessel. Teshuva patches up a crack, reinforcing the vessel even stronger than it was before the fracture.

As transformers, it is our job to elevate the spiritual sparks within all matter – to rebuild the vessel of humanity which was shattered at the Big Bang, at the destruction of the Temples and through our our own destructive choices today. We accomplish this by connecting and adhering to the spiritual laws of the Torah through our thoughts, actions and intentions.

We are building a spiritual structure here, like the 3rd Temple which the sages say is already built above us, that we will once again experience. We are crafting the foundation of our eternal reality through our physical actions. This is why we are here. This is what we are building.

It’s that big. That important. Every test.

Contemplate this when your next test shows up today.





The Next Test

The Path of Jacob

esau jacob


The Path of Jacob

I see how this works – that it’s You behind everything.

It’s not just using You to accomplish something physical – it’s using the physical to connect to You.

Help me to not fall into the mentality of selling myself short through chasing small desires.

Help me to raise my faith and clarity higher to serve You with a pure and complete heart.

Help me find my highest joy in serving You with all my heart, all my soul all my might.

Let me find total joy in this. Absolute elation.

This is a winning equation.

This is reality.

This feels right and excites me.

This excites my body and soul and mind and heart and every part of me together in harmony.

This makes my soul dance with my body.

“Esau raised his eyes and saw all that Jacob had with him. He asked Jacob, what did you intend by that whole camp that I met? And Jacob answered, to gain favor in your eyes.”

Esau responded, “I have RAV” – I have plenty, I have abundance – a language implying arrogance and conceit.

And Jacob said, “I have KOL”, I have everything – I have all I need. A language of gratitude and humility.

Both had alot – but each had totally different perspectives on what they had and their relationship to the Source of what they had.

Let the wisdom of this epic encounter really sink into my heart.

We need to first learn what’s best for us, learn what true joy is, learn what our purpose is – and only then can we merit the joy of truly walking the high path because we understand what the high path is. We understand how to relate to the blessings in front of us.

This level takes training and tests of the heart in order to earn. It’s really a never ending process with higher and higher understandings but what else are we using our time here for? To decide on what we think we want and either achieve it or not and allow our happiness to rest on the outcome?

There is a higher path to walk. The path of Jacob.

Yes, there is the concept of serving Hashem for physical purposes and this is a good first step. It is higher than disconnection. It creates some sparks. It’s the next step for many of us from where we are at today. The next step toward the higher path. But there’s also the concept of serving Hashem with no ulterior motive. Simply because we realize that serving Hashem, aligning our heart and soul, actions and intellect, desires and wisdom, is the highest joy of all.

We reach a place of KOL – I have everything that I need right now.

The truth is that Hashem is spoon feeding us every split second. Every breath of air, every sip of water, every blink of an eye, movement of a limb. Our desires are influenced by where we are holding in our life. The sick desire health, the deaf desire hearing, the blind desire sight, the poor man desires money, the thirsty desire water, and the man of excess abundance desires another home, another vacation, another ring of security around his RAV.

This does not end.

When Jacob approached his brother Esau and offered him gifts, Esau said he had RAV, I have abundance – I have more than I need. Jacob said he had KOL, I have all that I need.

More than I need means I don’t need You anymore, I’m good, thanks.

All that I need means thank you for taking care of me yesterday, thank you for taking care of me now and I trust that You and only You will take care of me tomorrow.

It’s a live relationship.

It’s the way of the sages to walk like this.

Not full because of excess abundance, full because of happiness with their lot at this moment. The only lack is lack of faith that everything is coming from You and everything is exactly how You want it to be for my best interest at this moment.

When you make yourself small you shake off the chains of entitlement. You don’t need so much to feel full. You shake off the need for things to be a certain way – for your happiness to be dependent on an outcome.

When you realize that you are but dust and ashes, everything that comes to you is a gift that you are grateful for.

Being grateful is a very welcoming vibration to emit to the Giver who created the world to give of the highest levels of joy.

I have all I need right now. All I need is You.



The Path of Jacob

Uman Uman Rosh Hashana!



Uman Uman Rosh Hashana!

This blog is all about sharing with others what turns me on. I’ve learned with friends on a one on one basis and a number of them have encouraged me to go wider and this is the format that feels natural for me.

What turns me on, and really all I am interested in thinking about, talking about and writing about is consciousness and our relationship with the Source. How to perceive what’s going on in our lives, how was the world created, why was it created, what’s our purpose and role in creation and where are we going from here.

My personal expression of spirituality is grounded in the wisdom of the prophets and the holy sages past and present. I learn from and with sages and I absorb their teachings and look to integrate their wisdom into my life. Sometimes this is a slow process and other times it’s a swift radical change. Sometimes I don’t have the choice. I believe that life is a constant lesson and our job is to keep our eyes wide open to learn from the wisdom flowing toward us. I look to share this wisdom because it brings me great joy and I enjoy sharing what I believe can bring joy to others.

I have a special connection to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. His teachings can be found in several places including

For decades, the individuals at have tirelessly worked on organizing and translating the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. Their efforts have provided me with the luxury of having these teachings organized and translated, ready to consume.

Rebbe Nachman, a great-grandson of the Baal Shem Tov, breathed new life into the Hasidic movement by combining the esoteric secrets of Judaism (the Kabbalah) with in-depth Torah scholarship. He attracted thousands of followers during his lifetime and his influence continues until today through many Hasidic movements such as Breslov Hasidism. Rebbe Nachman’s religious philosophy revolved around closeness to God and speaking to God in normal conversation “as you would with a best friend.” The concept of hitbodedut is central to his thinking.

I’ve found that there is a general disconnect between many peoples understanding of what Breslov Hasidism is and what they imagine it to be. Unlike Chabad Hasidism, there are no “Breslov Houses”, and without an official leader over the past 200 years, many people connect to Breslov wisdom on their own through books. There are very few Breslov communities one can find and be a part of and the organizational infrastructure is sparse and centralized to a few locations around the world.

Many people think of Breslov as a movement of hippies in white na na Nachman hats dancing to techno music around spray painted vans. A movement of ex cons and social outcasts who have found a gateway to spiritual ecstasy.

As exciting as that may sound to some, there’s an important opportunity now to educate the masses in what Breslov is and how the teachings of Rebbe Nachman are more relevant and critical than ever, for everyone.

The wisdom and relevancy of the teachings of Rebbe Nachman, as well as the teachings which have come from his teachings are extraordinarily powerful and appeal to a very wide spectrum of the population within Judaism and beyond.

The teachings of Rebbe Nachman are deep and multi-layered and one can connect to them on many levels, each according to their own perspective and stage in life.

I’ve found the most beneficial way to learn and develop spiritually is through relationships with guides who have spent their lives clearing away their own chaff and refining the jewels of wisdom within. Witnessing firsthand the attributes and lifestyle of those who live the wisdom provides much more than simply reading a book on our own. Just like experiencing a Shabbat is necessary in order to truly understand its power and meaning.

So how can one who is interested in the wisdom of Breslov Hasidism take their connection to the next level? How can one who’s soul is thirsting for the truth and power in the words of Rebbe Nachman connect to an anchor of this wisdom? They need to develop a relationship with a guide. And this is what is creating now through Breslov Campus. Direct access to the Breslov all-stars around the world from the comfort of your own home and office. It’s all about the Rebbe to them.

This is also what my soul brother Rav Dror Moshe Cassouto is building at and the new Emunah Center in Jerusalem. Rav Dror’s friendship, strength and daily videos continue to change my life and thousands of other lives around the globe in profound ways. It’s all about the Rebbe to him.

And this is also what my dear friend and guide in Jerusalem, Rav Baruch Gartner, is building through illuminating one on one psycho-spiritual video sessions which rock worlds and bring clarity, purpose and joy to so many of my friends and family’s lives. Last year in Uman, Rav Gartner said that he is just another monkey on the chain to the big Gorilla. It’s all about the Rebbe to him.

And then there’s Uman.

Next week I’m gonna leave my wife and three kids again for Rosh Hashana. I’m gonna leave them to fend for themselves while I fly to Ukraine for a week. On the surface this can seem like a highly selfish act.

Fortunately for me, my beyond generous and open minded spiritual gangster wife went to Barnard, drove a 1340 CC Harley Davidson low rider, and when asked for her hand in marriage said “as long as you are committed to achieving your spiritual potential”. She knows I plan to slay it out east and bring back a year of penetrating light for the bayis.

I’m fully aware that this sounds odd to most people but I believe I can connect with souls which have dropped their garb. I believe their spirits are still here. And I believe the influence they have over me only increases with their physical passing. So my connection to Rebbe Nachman is alive and well.

I believe Rosh Hashana is the day of judgement, and that what is decreed on Rosh Hashana impacts the upcoming year for my and my family’s lives – so I look at Rosh Hashana in Uman as more of a spiritual business trip than a family holiday like Sukkot, Pesach and Thanksgiving.

Maybe I’m extreme. Maybe I walk so far out from the norm to chase the light so I can bring it back for us. No one ever accused me of being normal –  but I feel that my trip to Uman, to be with 40,000 brothers by the grave site of a sage whose wisdom I immerse myself in – and all my holy rabbis and guides, and brother’s who join me – I believe that’s the most normal and rational thing I can imagine.

Leaving my wife and kids for a week?

Would that be an issue if I was standing trial?

I am. And I’m representing them.

Would that be an issue if I was headed on a business trip to support my family?

I am. This is when health and wealth for the upcoming year is crystallized.

I leave for the most treasured purpose of all – to chase the light of my salvation, to make me a better person, to connect to reality – to alter reality – to channel blessings into my life, my family’s lives, to our people and the world. It’s better than bringing back diamonds and gold.

So does it have to be done in Uman on Rosh Hashana?

My business trip is in Ukraine. It’s where I feel most connected during Rosh Hashana and where I feel I can be most effective in accomplishing my objectives. Sometimes these questions are really more about the one asking them. Like they are looking for strength from your strength – a subconscious effort to accumulate ammunition to battle for their own highest good. And I’m happy to assist.

Every single year, I along with my guides and brothers I’ve brought with me have the most insane positive holy trans-formative spiritual life changing experiences there.

Leaving my kids? I cant wait to take them. I consider it every year. Taking my holy tzaddikim twins to Uman is going to be incredible. They are mad at me every year I don’t. Maybe next year.

The arrival in Kiev is a like a hostile takeover – Jews everywhere – young hasidim from all over the world with runny noses and DNA strand side locks holding onto their tati’s bekishes. Sephardi businessmen with gold rolexes reciting psalms. Disheveled yeshiva students, hands interlocked with Israeli hippies, singing and dancing – and robotic large men with broad shoulders and big hands in uniform stamping passports – the baggage claim – the exit to the buses and cars lined up for the 3 hour drive to Uman. The dancing and singing on the bus. The brotherhood. The excitement in the air.

The strange towns passed by – the open sunflower fields – the expansive forests traveled through by brothers long gone on cold winter nights to visit their tzadik. The history in those forests.

The mafia encounters along the way – the arrival in Uman – the heavy bags and the rocky dirt roads – the heavy flow of joyous brothers walking everywhere in every direction – in song and in awe – the energy is thick and building. The sounds of the shofar, holy beggars shaking cans and Breslov techno blaring in the streets.

The 3am mikvah. The magical sunrise. The all day prayer. The deep meditation in the fields. The pulsating energy radiating from the grave of the Rebbe.

The sweet feeling of togetherness that makes you just stop and smile.

I wish for you and bless you that you be granted in the approaching days of judgement, to be inscribed and sealed in the book of judgement for a good life.

Shana Tova.



Uman Uman Rosh Hashana!

The Power of Restriction in Self Transformation



The Power of Restriction in Self Transformation

Building restriction was like working out – difficult at first, and required a lot of exertion, but once I got into the habit I started to experience the benefits of it – the high – the energy – the strength – the joy. I can’t live without it. I get stronger as I practice.

When something presents itself in front of me that I know will bring me darkness by actualizing – this is when to exercise restriction.

When I restrict from external dark forces, I illuminate what is internal and when I restrict from internal dark forces, I illuminate my external countenance.

By restricting from coveting another’s possessions, I show respect and appreciation for mine. By restricting from succumbing to anger, I strengthen my ability to rise above emotional reactivity. By not being as concerned about how others judge me, I can love myself more freely.

Restriction is a key component to my self transformation.

There’s a deep kabbalistic lesson in restriction hidden inside the light bulb – which works by housing negatively charged electricity and positively charged electricity, combining to make light. But this can only happen with a filament in the middle. Without it there is darkness.

The universe, and our interaction with it work in the same way.


Negative energy is represented on the tree of life as left column energy. Left column represents receiving energy.

Positive energy flows through the right side representing the desire to share – but without filament in the middle – the middle column of the tree of life – the light bulb doesn’t work.

The filament represents restriction or balance or transformation. When I restrict my selfish receiving desire and transform into a desire to share – that’s called restriction – and that’s what produces light – internally and collectively.

The three column system manifests itself throughout the universe in every detail of creation. I cannot escape it. The reminders are everywhere and in every thing – literally.

Negative (-) energy on the left, positive (+) energy on the right – and the energy of restriction in the middle for balance. The building blocks of every megapixel of physicality – the atom – when broken down, contains these three energies – the neutron, proton (+) and electron (-).

Restriction is a key component to creating harmony between masculine and feminine energy, within and collectively – to create the light of my home, the light of Shabbos, the light of intimacy and connection.

I’ve found that I am happier, more at ease, and feel more aligned with Source when I am exercising restriction.

Restriction is unlimited. I can always work at it – grow in it. And to the extent I do, I am able to ground more positivity and light into my experience.



The Power of Restriction in Self Transformation

Soul Mingling | Jah is My Light

IMG_6732 6/26/2015

Soul Mingling | Jah is My Light

He said if it doesn’t bring you joy then why do it?

I said in the world of duality there’s two kinds of joy – one temporary and one authentic – this world is caught up on temporary joy but that leaves with the corpse. I dig eternal joy that for some begins after burial, but for the blessed few is experienced now – it burns superficial pleasures to a crisp. And that’s the secret my friend.

He said what’s up with that beard man. You look so much better with a tight groom. I said part of me agrees – the part that likes others liking how I look – the part that plays the role – that gives me that temporary pleasure. I said I’m trying to merge what’s up inside with my exterior – a complicated process for some to absorb. I said I’m jiving with the holy Zohar bro – the beard represents channels for Divine abundance and reflects supernal Godly qualities of kindness and trust, which I am called to embody.

He said that’s so 1800’s man why can’t you adapt to 2015. I said I’m not trapped in today man. I don’t wear my pants low and adorn myself with billboard fashion no more. What we wear is how we look to shape and express our identity. Holiness and humility seems like sucking the joy out of life – not dancing and drinking at the clubs all night seems like a departure from joy but for me it’s shedding the temporary to pursue a spiritually meaningful life.

He said you’re turning into a bland robot. I said, like Moses, the more I shed my ego the more room I make for the presence of the Creator to fill me in. And my ultimate joy is alignment with the Source- gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

He said can’t that be done with your head while your body is dancing through to the beat of this world. I said yes but it depends on what beat you are tuned to. I said we are meant to enjoy this world for sure but enjoying food to me is no longer like it is for a monkey. Enjoying pleasure for me is no longer like it is for a horse. That’s sideshow stuff man. I’m restricting from the unhealthy snacks with my eyes on the feast ahead.

He said I like what you are saying but it seems way too extreme for me. I’m just not there yet. I said we are where we are in relationship to our point of resistance. Like yoga man. Just be true to yourself and it opens up step by step. No rush man. It’s all about the desire in your heart.

He said how do I build my desire? I said now we are talking bro.

He said for real man, how do I break free and live like you? I said all you need to do is walk and talk with the Lord. See everything as a direct communication, follow your holy soul’s intuition to restrict from the pursuit of temporary and destructive pleasure and exert with all your might toward the pursuit of holy eternal joy.

He said how do I know which is which? I said check out the 613 man. 365 restrictions and 248 exertions – aligned to 365 sinews and 248 bones in your body. All pockets of light accessing the upper realms. I said the first step is to learn from the first of us – Abraham. Separate from your current structures, influences, social norms and expectations, desires, lusts, habits, preconceived ideas and external influences. Walk out of your parent’s idol shop and follow the voice of your Father in heaven.

He said how do I hear the voice? I said open your eyes, but opening your eyes at first is really closing them off to the external world. Ground yourself to the Source of all mega pixel projection and then look back out at the projections – learn the fundamentals before playing the game, learn the meaning of the words before uttering more chatter. Explore the link between your thoughts and your reality, intentions and outcomes.

He said why is God hidden. I said so you can find Him – and once you do He is no longer hidden. He said all I see is nature. I said look at the hand beneath the glove of nature – the force which blows the winds and sends the rains – the banger of the Big Bang.

He said ok, but what’s up with religion. That seems to separate people more than unite, seems like a place for the weak to find solace and purpose – for the masses to flock to seek comfort and meaning in a life of suffering that can’t be explained. I said those are great questions, and there’s no one liner responses. But I also said I believe that the manual came with the vehicle – that the Source did not fall short of sending a map to the maze – that the Creator left us with a job here – and authentic free will to accomplish it.

I said seek for yourself wisdom brother. Ask these questions and seek the answers for yourself because faith is not something that someone else can give to you. It works in reverse to what you see in this world. Hearing and knowing come only after doing. Naaseh v’ nishma. First the action then the knowing.

He said where do I start man? I said love your brother like yourself. It’s all a mirror, all one. I said real joy comes from giving. That’s how we widen the bandwidth of our pipes – we become a partner with the Source.  Pray for the health of another and health flows through you into them. Pray for the clarity of another and wisdom flows through you to them. That’s why we learn that if you are going through lack and you pray for another who is going through that same lack, your lack is hooked up first – like sustenance flowing from your mouth to your organs, the heavenly electricity flows through your cable en route to your brother.

Rig your joy to be activated through giving – and watch what flows through you next bro.

He said thank you. I said thank you.

Shabbat shalom.



Soul Mingling | Jah is My Light

The 32 paths



*It takes courage to post on Purim night but here goes*

The 32 paths

“From all my teachers I have grown wise, for Your testimonials are my meditation.”        (Psalms 119:99)

According to what many consider, the forefather – Abraham – laid out in what many consider, his book, The Book of Formation – there are 32 different ways to understand something.

And when I say “something” I am referring to wisdom.

As we learn in Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Fathers):

Q: Who is wise?

A: Ben Zoma said “He who learns from every person”. 

If asked “who are your greatest guides?” – after the few clear Giants in my life, I’d have to really answer, “everyone”  – close second would be, “every thing”.

I believe that the Source is communicating with each one of us through other people.

And this is from my heart, not the Purim wine. Even if it was from the wine, it’s the same, because my heart and desire are united so the wine just increases the intimacy and desire for the Source of all – the Source, who I call HaShem, which means “The Name”. Even just saying the name “The Name” is not to be taken casually. HaShem is everything.

I don’t take things personally – I take them beyond personally, to the point where I believe what others say or do is just a reflection of what I need to hear, see and most importantly  heal – because I believe I’m here, in this lifetime, to accomplish my eternal soul’s rectification.

In the holy books of the sages, there were rightous arguments on the precise interpretation and application of each specific detail – each way to understand a Divine law.

There are 32 channels of understanding the One Divine Truth – the singular Wisdom channelled through Chochma (top right Sefira of Wisdom) and along to Bina (top left Sefira of understanding – our heart) – through 32 available paths.

The word Heart in Hebrew is pronounced as Lev (bottom right alien), which numerically equals 32.


Prayer from the 32, or heart (hitbodidut) is the place you can connect to the Source. Being alone with HaShem and pouring out your heart is how we draw in wisdom through our path of understanding – connecting to the Source of wisdom through our unique path to channel wisdom – wide open and pure, and free of material egoic residue – this is why hitbodidut must be done on your own – one to one – intimate heart  – fully exposed –  and, open.

32 individual paths.

There are optical illusions in this world. Looking at the same thing, two can see different things, and from each one’s perspective, both be right. Remember this when we cast views on others or set limitations on ourselves.


This morning, while learning Shulchan Orech (Code of Laws) reviewing the laws of Purim, I came across the following:

One who gladdens the hearts of these unfortunate individuals (the poor, the orphans and the widows) acts as The Divine Presence does”

I shared this wisdom and opportunity with my family and a few close friends – and through sharing this with one close friend – a deep brother to me – he responded that he was going to call his mother, a widow for a number of years.

This caused me think about my own family – about my grandmother, a sage from sages, who recently became a widow – was married to a sage of sages – I then called her, after Mincha, on my way home to the holy Purim meal during the blizzard conditions of NYC Purim day 2015 – in the blizzard of daas (synthesized knowledge) descending on us – I got about 5 full minutes of soul to soul love connection with my Savta.

At the end, she wished me a powerful blessing, always with the same last words – and I told her – that the blessing goes back to her, the seed of my essence  – and she said that I’m right – because she feels “blessed every moment of every day”.

This all started from learning from the holy Torah this morning. Here I was so focused on the idea of “acting as the Divine Presence does” through “gladdening the hearts of the poor”, disconnected to the “widow and orphan” part, while it was fresh and right in front of my eyes.

The holy wisdom of the Torah and the power of the holidays combine to offer us the sirloin steaks of prophecy, joy and higher wisdom.

Now is when to summon from the well springs of Emunah and illuminate your path with beaming brightness.

So much more than just “it’s all for the best” mentality. So much more than what “mentality” has taken on. But the part about every experience we endure being “all for the best”, you better believe it. And don’t worry – you get a second chance – if you it miss it – you’ll realize down the road.

We unlock the heights of understanding what we are learning once we share it with others – a never ending cycle.

Also interesting is the idea of us gladdening the hearts of the “unfortunate” (poor, orphans, widows). Well, my experience today worked in the precise reverse. The beaming light of my Savta illuminated my poor and opened heart.

By drinking this wine may I be worthy to be happy with all my heart – and to make others happy with all theirs.

Blessed and grateful in Purim pandemonium.

“Jerusalem you had my heart long before we met in the secrets of your walls – If I ever forget you let me forget my arms and my tounge lose all its words – If i carry on to the corners of this world would you summon me back home, Jerusalem”

 – Rabbi Chanan (BENAMI) Gans [My holy soul brother since 3 year old nursery]



The 32 paths

Personal experience – the tangible point of access



Personal experience – the tangible point of access

Based on the response I’ve been receiving, it’s clear that many of us are looking for depth – I can relate because that’s what interests me as well. In addition to the many calls and texts I’ve been receiving, I thought I’d share a few of the responses I received to my previous post:

“NO NO NO – you mustn’t depersonalize your writing.  for someone like me, for example, who doesn’t “feel” religious, it allows me a tangible point of access, and anchors the spiritual journey in a way that’s relatable & meaningful.  it actually helps me to “feel” the eschatological process.  Xoxo”

“Just wanted to let you know your words of inspiration are awesome. Keep them coming brother – And please keep them personal and not academic :)”

“Your blog about being yourself was over the top amazing – your  blog is real- please don’t stop”

“Just read the post – Hotter than hot – So authentic and free”

“Just read your blog. Wow I feel your pain holy brother. Chazak Veamatz.  Be strong and brave. You are inspiring so many people. I love you and pray for you.”

I believe that our life experiences carry within them a deeper significance – a profound message to learn from and to share with others.

Those who have been blessed with faith, or have arrived through reason, to recognize the Creator’s direct, constant and personal supervision over us – perceive life experiences as highly personal events.

We believe that within everything we experience, there is a sustaining power that not only wills it to occur but delivers a personal code within the occurrence. This is how a “hidden” Creator relates to His creatures – through the personal nature of events.

Some prescribe limits to their level of belief in the Creator’s personal involvement in their lives. Some acknowledge the existence of a Source of all, but feel that while the Source may have set the world in motion – and perhaps channeled Divine guidance through a prophet – He probably doesn’t bother with the details of our day to day lives.

To me, it just doesn’t make any sense that the Source would create this universe, provide sustenance for His creatures, and then disassociate in some way, limiting Himself in some way – to not have the time or interest to be involved in every aspect of each one of our lives. That’s a far jump to make. To ascribe the attribute of selective active governance to the Source? The 14th attribute of Mercy? Pretty bold..

I have learned and believe that the Source is here running the show behind every twist and turn in our lives.  Every experience is an opportunity to face the Source, to pause and absorb the message. This is how we build a relationship – and I believe that the most important relationship we have is our relationship with the Source of all relationships. We nourish this relationship by spending more time in meditation – reflecting on our experiences, obstacles, patterns, achievements and desires. The Creator of the realms of compassion, mercy and endless love cares more about us, His children, than we can imagine. A hint to this love can be experienced through a parent’s love for their child.

Episodes in our own lives, where we witness the hand of the Divine orchestrating our experience – and how we connect to those experiences – are of interest to those who seek greater connection to the Source, in their lives. Expressions of one’s personal struggles, confrontations with doubt and applications of faith, can help provide color and texture to the deeper meaning of the teachings put into action.

Putting myself out there through sharing my personal obstacles is a new experience, and a sometimes frightening one. It pushes me to live up to my beliefs, to apply faith to my challenges – with nowhere to hide. It represents a commitment I’ve made to hold onto faith no matter what the test is, and it therefore makes sense to me why I’m being tested so significantly right now.



Personal experience – the tangible point of access