Pre Shabbat Gift from a Brother |The Cure for Removing the Heaviness in life



Pre Shabbat Gift from a Brother |The Cure for Removing the Heaviness in life

My holy brother in Jerusalem, Rav Dror,  just shared a most powerful gift inspired by a gift he received from his Rav, Shalom Arush.

He also gave me a monster shout out (video below) which was a gift in of itself – and just lifted me to shamayim listening to it.

When a person forgets about the Source, at that moment he creates a husk around him.

A husk around him is a barrier, a curtain which blocks off his perception of the Source. So the world becomes more dark and fuzzy.

There is a cure for this condition – this condition of darkness and fuzziness.

The cure is called Teshuva.

Teshuva means to repair, to return to reality – to our true nature –  back to being able to see the Source of reality in your life.

Our destructive thoughts, actions and intentions create husks around this perception. It causes the Source to retract further from us. And life can seem darker.

And there’s a lot of space in this physical world with all the planets, stars and galaxies – and that’s just this world. Spiritually, there are worlds upon worlds beyond our world. So the Source has a lot of room to retract from our limited perception.

We want to see the Source at all times.

Doing teshuva is not connected to being religious – a person doesn’t have to be religious to do teshuva.

It’s a spiritual thing.

It just brings back the Source into your life. Increased clarity and purpose – perception of the blessings.

Here is how it works: It’s an apology that you forgot the Source in a situation – that you were arrogant enough to think that you can operate without Him. So you feel regret and confess – you can’t communicate without talking – and then accept upon yourself for the future that you don’t want to forget the Source anymore – and will do what you can to make sure you don’t.

This must be done in an honorable way. And this brings back the light of the Source into the dark areas that you left Him out of – and it removes the husks.

You remove all the burden and suffering and fears and anxieties and sadnesses that are coming for only one reason – that the Source is not there.

By doing teshuva you come back to complete faith.

Why is a person so sad and angry and filled with anxiety? Because of past destructive actions.

You want to fix it? Do teshuva.

How? Talk with the Source and bring Him back into your life.

Life gets heavy from our past destructive thoughts and actions and intentions. Teshuva removes the weight.

Shabbat Shalom.



Pre Shabbat Gift from a Brother |The Cure for Removing the Heaviness in life

2 thoughts on “Pre Shabbat Gift from a Brother |The Cure for Removing the Heaviness in life

  1. Stephanie Pastor says:

    Darkness and fuzziness
    Thank you TZADDIK for shining the brightest light always in your presence in your essence in your action in your energy and your magic and thank you to infinity and beyond Rav DROR. Beyond.


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