The Power of Restriction in Self Transformation



The Power of Restriction in Self Transformation

Building restriction was like working out – difficult at first, and required a lot of exertion, but once I got into the habit I started to experience the benefits of it – the high – the energy – the strength – the joy. I can’t live without it. I get stronger as I practice.

When something presents itself in front of me that I know will bring me darkness by actualizing – this is when to exercise restriction.

When I restrict from external dark forces, I illuminate what is internal and when I restrict from internal dark forces, I illuminate my external countenance.

By restricting from coveting another’s possessions, I show respect and appreciation for mine. By restricting from succumbing to anger, I strengthen my ability to rise above emotional reactivity. By not being as concerned about how others judge me, I can love myself more freely.

Restriction is a key component to my self transformation.

There’s a deep kabbalistic lesson in restriction hidden inside the light bulb – which works by housing negatively charged electricity and positively charged electricity, combining to make light. But this can only happen with a filament in the middle. Without it there is darkness.

The universe, and our interaction with it work in the same way.


Negative energy is represented on the tree of life as left column energy. Left column represents receiving energy.

Positive energy flows through the right side representing the desire to share – but without filament in the middle – the middle column of the tree of life – the light bulb doesn’t work.

The filament represents restriction or balance or transformation. When I restrict my selfish receiving desire and transform into a desire to share – that’s called restriction – and that’s what produces light – internally and collectively.

The three column system manifests itself throughout the universe in every detail of creation. I cannot escape it. The reminders are everywhere and in every thing – literally.

Negative (-) energy on the left, positive (+) energy on the right – and the energy of restriction in the middle for balance. The building blocks of every megapixel of physicality – the atom – when broken down, contains these three energies – the neutron, proton (+) and electron (-).

Restriction is a key component to creating harmony between masculine and feminine energy, within and collectively – to create the light of my home, the light of Shabbos, the light of intimacy and connection.

I’ve found that I am happier, more at ease, and feel more aligned with Source when I am exercising restriction.

Restriction is unlimited. I can always work at it – grow in it. And to the extent I do, I am able to ground more positivity and light into my experience.



The Power of Restriction in Self Transformation

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