Greetings from the psych ward | A message of hope



Greetings from the psych ward | A message of hope

From my nephew, Shmuel:

“So last night I had the most intense raw spiritual connection with God – something I have not experienced for years and completely lost hope in – I finally decided to put on my tefillin for the first time in years – the experience brought me to tears – I was in my room in a psych ward having a heart to heart conversation with God – I was telling Him, asking, begging to please give me the hope and strength to carry on – because I completely lost hope in my self, all humanity, and life in general – I never thought that things would get this bad for me, but for the first time in my life I had a suicide attempt – something that should have killed me – and it is a miracle that I am still in this world, which goes to show that I’m here for a greater purpose than my self and my mental illness.

I was hoping and praying that one day I could really touch the lives of other people in this world struggling like I am – I am in a constant battle with shame and depression – I am in a constant cycle of excruciating pain which I never see myself overcoming – what brought me to tears last night was my hope that God can show me something, anything that can bring me some level of hope – whether that was some kind of sign or purpose in this world.

I want everyone from all walks of life to hear my experience because although not everybody will understand, everybody can understand pain and has their ups and downs – and what I want to express to others is no matter how hard or how tough the experiences you are dealing with are, just know that we are all walking along our own narrow bridge through this world – and through sharing our own struggles and demons we encounter, we can come out of the shadows and break free from the mental and emotional battles that we face every day – break the chains that bind us.

No matter how stagnant you feel and how long you’ve been going through your struggles don’t give up – one day you can really come out of it and make something of your life even though you might not know now what exactly your mission or purpose is.

I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you  – and if these words can reach anyone out there and help in any way then I feel accomplished and inspired to share more.

I almost took my life so I can relate to your pain and struggles. We must all walk this crazy bridge which we call life – be there for each other, help each other through life’s ups and downs – help guide each other through that dark tunnel. What you will come to recognize is that through helping another being you are helping yourself more than you will ever know. Together let’s push through the darkness as one. This is something I’ve come to realize. If there is anyone who can relate to pain and is struggling in their life, if there is any one person I could help, then I feel this blog was worth writing and it was worth sharing my story.”

“The whole world is a narrow bridge, the key is not to be afraid”

-Rebbe Nachman of Breslov


Shmuel and Etan

Greetings from the psych ward | A message of hope

11 thoughts on “Greetings from the psych ward | A message of hope

  1. Baruch says:

    Awesome!!!! And how true!
    As I already said to you my dear brother Shmuel “You’ve changed my life, you pushed me to find new paths to help others” Thank you!
    So I bless you that you continue as you’ve just done so beautifully, keep reaching out and touch as many as you can.
    Happy are those that enlighten the downtrodden!!!


  2. Stephanie says:

    Shmuel, you are the most courageous and magnificent and powerful soul that I have ever had the honor of loving and knowing- your bravery in outing your story has inspired my path and my conviction more deeply than I can ever express . You will change lives. Etan, you have unlocked and freed us all from the shackles of shame and hiding– to step up and create this platform to express truth and enable evolution for ALL OF US–literally provides redemption that has no limits. First full deep breath I have taken in Lord only knows how long. GOD BLESS YES FREE AT LAST YOU GIVE LIFE!!!!!!


  3. Arlene says:

    Mind blowing….The truth sets us free from our stories and our connections to it… Thank you once again Shmu for inspiring me… You have always been a Great Teacher to me , you are here to teach…. B”H


  4. yaffa says:

    May you always be a faithful student of Hashem, carefully listening to what He’s teaching you, passing it on with gentle power.
    Looking forward to more of it.


  5. Rebecca says:

    Shmuel- You have always been my greatest teacher in life. Once again, you inspire me and fill me with such a deep sense of pride for having the privilege of being your mother. Thank you Hashem for you and your courage… you are an amazing person. ” Ana Kail Na Refana La Refuah Shlayma Shmuel Yechezkel Ben Raizel Bas Rivkah Binah… I love you angel.


  6. Shalom says:

    Mission accomplished brother, you touched my soul and gave the strength to get through another day which is a constent battle. Know you have foot soilders all around you that have your back.


  7. Serena says:

    Shmuel, your courage is amazing and contagious. Thank you for allowing us all to learn from your strength. I am honored to be your cousin and love you. May you continue to see Hashem’s hand in your life and please continue to inspire us all.


  8. Jessica says:

    your courage and your words are inspirational and palpable It is clear that you are on this earth to teach others. Your are a beautiful writer and I will share your post with others who are struggling. May you have no more shame and go from strength to strength


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