The good life



The good life

It makes no sense to put stuff out that doesn’t come from the heart. I think that the sages were putting their hearts in everything they taught. They covered the spectrum of life experience in their lessons. Chassidus (the Torah of the Baal Shem Tov and his “Wellsprings”) hits the core of the Neshama (Soul).

Artists, musicians, modern orthodox depth seekers, reform rockstars and souls searching for light from rehabs connect with it – as do the pure innocent rosey cheeked children of the lions of faith in Jerusalem. The holy chassidim living in the fence of roses – swaying arm in arm in trance like rhythm with their Rebbeh late Friday nights – bidding proper farewells to the Shabbos Queen late Saturday nights – with candles and drum beats – eyes rolled back and wide smiles.

This is the good life.

Chassidus is a treat – a source of great pleasure and meaning to life – cool waters to quench the souls which break through boundaries and scream to lead.

The teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and the vibes of those who gravitate to his illuminating works, are the gifts that are transforming this generation. I’m calling it here, live, on Saturday night March 14, 2015.

I’m not one to talk or write about politics – but I’m a believer in what’s going to happen between next second and the next 225 years. That’s like our great great great great grandchildren or maybe sooner. They will have family pics of us on their smart phones when this all goes down. I believe what the prophets prophesized and I see deep significance in the creation of the world in 6 days and Shabbat (Sabbath – the first in thought and last in deed) on the 7th day. Almost enough to carry around a fresh pair of yom tov clothes in my briefcase 😉


We are talking about the ultimate veil being lifted. Lights on. No more fuzzy random images when you shut your eyes tight. Clouds lifted and gates to the subconscious raised high. Are you You, or are you just you?

My view – on not thinking about this – is self sabotage in the long run. Like waiting till your death bed to say “I love you”.

And if your on the fence or think this is crazy, I respect that – as long as you are searching for consciousness and meaning in life. Not everyone has this kind of faith. It comes in so many flavors.

To the mainstream, this kind of faith is considered highly radical. A very very small percentage of us live this way – with it all being this personally crafted – believing that every single thing is from the Source. But, some people tell me they are inspired by hearing me describe how I’m feeling – and that gives me strength to go deeper, because it makes me feel good to give inspiration. And when I do, I get lit up with clear signs of Divine satisfaction – and it happens every time – so I’m gonna continue.

Also, shout out to the Christian followers who have been jumping on board the blog at a consistent pace. God bless you all, and I am honored by your interest in these words – these messages about my faith and love of the Torah, and our nation’s obligation to become pure conduits of Divine illumination in the world. If we do our jobs this can be an incredible existence together, where all nations can serve the Creator in peace. This is what the original plan was in the Garden of Eden.



The good life

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