Songs of Freedom



Songs of Freedom

Do not get too comfortable, ever. It’s a trick. Oldest in our book – laziness and sadness are from the venom of the snake in the Garden of Eden – the snake’s pollution in our atmosphere.

Heavy clouds are drawn through the indulgence in laziness and sadness. We need to shake ourselves free from both, and full throttle back to the holy work of serving the Source of our next breath. Focusing on the billions of miracles that have been performed for us up until now. If that’s not where your head is, it should be.

It is wise to prepare now for the departure from slavery.

Rosh Chodesh Nisan, the first month on the Jewish calendar according to the Torah, begins at sundown on Friday March 20th 2015.

The Torah calls it “chodesh ha-aviv” – the month of spring – as it marks the beginning of the spring months.

“Spring” is not just a season – it is stamped into creation as a time embedded with powers of renewal. Spring is state of mind that leads to taking action – and following through with action.

So important was it that the month of Nisan come in the spring that the Jewish calendar adds an extra month of the previous month (Adar) seven times out of every 19 year cycle.

From the hidden potential of winter to the emerging life force of spring.

Nisan is connected to the Hebrew root word Nase (Miracle) and Nisayon (a test or challenge – especially in one’s service of the Creator)

Winter corresponds to our tendency to fall into the laziness of physicality – and spring corresponds to the window of renewal – a time to break free from the shackles of our nature and draw in miracles. But to manifest these miracles, we must rise above the “tests” of our nature.

We always have to be looking above our nature – above the stars – Abraham was told that all of his generations will be above nature.

Spring is a time for passion – to set new goals – becoming open to changing our ways, behaviors and thinking – and following through.

All of these exciting internal growth opportunities are manifested only through our Ratzon (will/desire). As it is said with regard to the power of will, “nothing stands before the force of one’s will”, and “there is nothing as forceful as will.”

Ratzon creates the way – it forms the channel – if you desire things hard enough they will happen.

As we prepare to enter into the consciousness of exiting slavery through Divine redemption, which really is a state of mind that we can and should tap into every moment – it is important to approach this time with sincere gratitude for all of the miracles and blessings that we receive every day.

Dayenu, is a song that is part of the Jewish holiday of Passover – the word “Dayenu” means, “it would have been sufficient or enough to us”. This traditionally up beat song goes back over a thousand years and is all about being grateful to the Source for all of the gifts He has given us, such as taking us out of slavery, giving us the holy Torah and the miracle of Shabbat – and had the Source just given one of these gifts, it would have still been “enough”. This song appears in the Haggadah (the text that sets forth the order of the Passover Seder) after the telling over of the story of the exodus – the ultimate emancipation from slavery.

It is wise to use this opportunity – entering the month of Nisan – to express our gratitude to the Source – to sing our songs of freedom – our redemption songs.



Songs of Freedom

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