Awakenings from Above



Awakenings from Above

The Source is always communicating with us. The Master of Mercy is constantly sending us signals to return to Him. Prior to the big awakening – which occurs the moment our soul departs from our body – we are sent wake up calls intended to guide us back to consciousness – “Awakenings from Above”.

These awakenings are intended to spark a connection between our soul and the Source that is so powerful it shifts our physical identity into alignment with our soul – guiding us back to our higher purpose – reminders to live from the inside out who we really are, above the limitations of who we woke up as today.

The Alter Rebbe (Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of Chabad Chasidism), taught that the Creator provides us with moments of spiritual inspiration which can rouse us from spiritual slumber – awakenings which can make the tireless pursuit of enslavement to materiality seem insignificant.

These “Supernal Awakenings” are not meant to generate fleeting inspiration – but to stir us to begin effecting personal growth and transformation.

And when one does so – one receives even greater inspiration from Above – a never ending cycle.

The Alter Rebbe explains that there are two forms of awakenings – two ways in which a person can be awakened:

1. An awakening elicited through Divine service – through performing our holy work, the day to day energy we expend toward fulfilling our soul’s mission on Earth. This form of awakening raises a person to a level of perception that would otherwise be unattainable.

2. An awakening that comes prior to, and elicits our Divine service. Here, the Source Himself awakens us from spiritual slumber and sets us on the path of Divine Service – a free gift.

The first awakening occurs through our own physical and mental refinement – where we transform our self into a vessel fit for it. This form of awakening will have a lasting effect as it occurs as a result of our own transformation.

And then there are those moments when we are spontaneously inspired – hit with a flash of light. Many times, this form of inspiration fizzles at the speed at which it came. While this form of awakening is from the Source, it can quickly pass through us if it is not grounded by effort on our part to draw close to the Source – this form of awakening radiates at auspicious times – and ceases when the awakening from Above departs.

The “intention” of a “Supernal Awakening”, which precedes our Divine service, is not simply to temporarily awaken us – it is to remind us that now is the time to act on this inspiration – to refine our character with our own efforts – and only then will our alignment with the Source be solid and lasting.

And, we need this alignment in order to do our work most effectively.

Through harnessing the awakenings from above and using these moments as boosters toward our spiritual evolution – refining our confidence to trust and return to the Source each moment – these awakenings from Above become incredible gifts – the kind of gift that I want to prepare for, hone into, receive and use as a reminder to return to consciousness of my ultimate purpose – my higher calling. And only from there, from my prime position, do I wanna navigate through life and make decisions.

Sometimes we need to slow down and take a breath – realign with our soul – make the room to receive the callings. And when they come, we need to love ourselves enough to receive them – and use these gifts, these Divine awakenings, to draw us closer to the holy service of the Source.



Awakenings from Above

4 thoughts on “Awakenings from Above

  1. very powerful stuff – things I know and feel and I appreciate the assertion with which you write x thank you and thank you for visiting my blog so that I could find yours x I need to hear it as it is right now 🙂 Íophie xx


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