Just another masterpiece



Just another masterpiece

Last night my son Lev (32) not in years but in numerical equivalent – just came to me and said:

“I felt Hashem talking to me, that He said that if you work on something very hard ,and you never give up, you’ll always accomplish it.”


I was gonna just end today’s blog here.

But, in the spirit of the World to Come and Shabbat, which are just a few hours from now, I figured I’d share a bit about the ultimate purpose.

It’s pretty simple: Uniting our eternal souls with our physical beings, now.

Since time and space don’t really exist, the “now”, is an interesting concept. Right, Chanan?


Another major thing, that we see in the story of creation – with Adam and Eve – the ultimate purpose is, unification. And, only through unification of the feminine and masculine energies can there exist One.

This applies to all relationships – interestingly, even ones not within yourself.

On the tree of life, the right column represents masculine energy, and left represents feminine energy, and aligning with the Source is through connection to the center column -which has a direct route up from holy foundation (Yisod) through integrated knowledge (Daas) right up to the crown (Keter). And that’s pretty high.

Integrated masculine and feminine energy forms a strong foundation. And without one, anything built is wobbly, and just leads to frustration from having spent time building it, and then going back to the directions to hone into where you went wrong. It’s a suckers game to go any higher if the foundation isn’t right onn maaan.


We are only interested in good fruits, from good seeds. Like coconuts from palm trees in Jamaica maaaan. Cooool maaaaahhhn.


To my source seeker number uno, shout out to where you came and where you at – surrounded by your fruits and engarbed in your seeds of prayer – your heart bound to wisdom – your head beaming your soul’s projections up and the Source’s projections down – your arm bound to kindness and justice. Your head and heart to a Lion in Jerusalem.

May the center column shine in your tree of life, and the holiness channeled through Keter, crown your lives in peace. And may you always seek the Keter in every thing and lift it higher and higher to the Source – that which we seek.





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Just another masterpiece

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