The 32 paths



*It takes courage to post on Purim night but here goes*

The 32 paths

“From all my teachers I have grown wise, for Your testimonials are my meditation.”        (Psalms 119:99)

According to what many consider, the forefather – Abraham – laid out in what many consider, his book, The Book of Formation – there are 32 different ways to understand something.

And when I say “something” I am referring to wisdom.

As we learn in Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Fathers):

Q: Who is wise?

A: Ben Zoma said “He who learns from every person”. 

If asked “who are your greatest guides?” – after the few clear Giants in my life, I’d have to really answer, “everyone”  – close second would be, “every thing”.

I believe that the Source is communicating with each one of us through other people.

And this is from my heart, not the Purim wine. Even if it was from the wine, it’s the same, because my heart and desire are united so the wine just increases the intimacy and desire for the Source of all – the Source, who I call HaShem, which means “The Name”. Even just saying the name “The Name” is not to be taken casually. HaShem is everything.

I don’t take things personally – I take them beyond personally, to the point where I believe what others say or do is just a reflection of what I need to hear, see and most importantly  heal – because I believe I’m here, in this lifetime, to accomplish my eternal soul’s rectification.

In the holy books of the sages, there were rightous arguments on the precise interpretation and application of each specific detail – each way to understand a Divine law.

There are 32 channels of understanding the One Divine Truth – the singular Wisdom channelled through Chochma (top right Sefira of Wisdom) and along to Bina (top left Sefira of understanding – our heart) – through 32 available paths.

The word Heart in Hebrew is pronounced as Lev (bottom right alien), which numerically equals 32.


Prayer from the 32, or heart (hitbodidut) is the place you can connect to the Source. Being alone with HaShem and pouring out your heart is how we draw in wisdom through our path of understanding – connecting to the Source of wisdom through our unique path to channel wisdom – wide open and pure, and free of material egoic residue – this is why hitbodidut must be done on your own – one to one – intimate heart  – fully exposed –  and, open.

32 individual paths.

There are optical illusions in this world. Looking at the same thing, two can see different things, and from each one’s perspective, both be right. Remember this when we cast views on others or set limitations on ourselves.


This morning, while learning Shulchan Orech (Code of Laws) reviewing the laws of Purim, I came across the following:

One who gladdens the hearts of these unfortunate individuals (the poor, the orphans and the widows) acts as The Divine Presence does”

I shared this wisdom and opportunity with my family and a few close friends – and through sharing this with one close friend – a deep brother to me – he responded that he was going to call his mother, a widow for a number of years.

This caused me think about my own family – about my grandmother, a sage from sages, who recently became a widow – was married to a sage of sages – I then called her, after Mincha, on my way home to the holy Purim meal during the blizzard conditions of NYC Purim day 2015 – in the blizzard of daas (synthesized knowledge) descending on us – I got about 5 full minutes of soul to soul love connection with my Savta.

At the end, she wished me a powerful blessing, always with the same last words – and I told her – that the blessing goes back to her, the seed of my essence  – and she said that I’m right – because she feels “blessed every moment of every day”.

This all started from learning from the holy Torah this morning. Here I was so focused on the idea of “acting as the Divine Presence does” through “gladdening the hearts of the poor”, disconnected to the “widow and orphan” part, while it was fresh and right in front of my eyes.

The holy wisdom of the Torah and the power of the holidays combine to offer us the sirloin steaks of prophecy, joy and higher wisdom.

Now is when to summon from the well springs of Emunah and illuminate your path with beaming brightness.

So much more than just “it’s all for the best” mentality. So much more than what “mentality” has taken on. But the part about every experience we endure being “all for the best”, you better believe it. And don’t worry – you get a second chance – if you it miss it – you’ll realize down the road.

We unlock the heights of understanding what we are learning once we share it with others – a never ending cycle.

Also interesting is the idea of us gladdening the hearts of the “unfortunate” (poor, orphans, widows). Well, my experience today worked in the precise reverse. The beaming light of my Savta illuminated my poor and opened heart.

By drinking this wine may I be worthy to be happy with all my heart – and to make others happy with all theirs.

Blessed and grateful in Purim pandemonium.

“Jerusalem you had my heart long before we met in the secrets of your walls – If I ever forget you let me forget my arms and my tounge lose all its words – If i carry on to the corners of this world would you summon me back home, Jerusalem”

 – Rabbi Chanan (BENAMI) Gans [My holy soul brother since 3 year old nursery]



The 32 paths

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