The simple steps of The Seeker of Life



The simple steps of The Seeker of Life

Rebbe Nachman’s main desire and goal was to have us perform actual physical actions of holiness without any sophistication.

“It takes great wisdom and a lot of effort for a person to completely throw away his mind and serve Hashem like an animal” (Sichos Haran)

At moments when we feel electrified with blessings, the wind at our back – and the Divine sparks within our experiences are set aglow with sweet expansive light – just then must we remember, that the way to remain supercharged through connection with the Creator, is through total humility – serving Him in complete and simple faith.

As humans, it is our obligation to utilize and maximize our highest faculties which set us apart from the animal kingdom.

Yet, intetestingy, we learn and see that the most evolved, highest form of connection and service of the Source – is achieved through simplicity – serving the Source like a simple animal – expressing through our higher reasoning, and mastery of choice and will, to adhere to a hierarchy of Divine spiritual energy – at the pinnacle of which rests the throne of the King Himself – and we are his sheep.

It is taught that the concept of “throne” implies the Source “involving” Himslef in the physical world – in our lives – and when the Source is “sitting” on His Throne, His “presence” is “lowered” and right here with us – personally shepherding and custom crafting our journey.

One blessed with open eyes will see this clearly every moment. One setting off on the journey to higher clarity will see this in increasing flickering signals. One detached from the realm of holiness and Divine will, heaven forbid, walks in the dark – surrounded with walls of iron.

There are sheep that are zoned out in identification with the material world – sheep en-route to their slaughter – as the physical experience ends just around the bend – and there are sheep who set their footsteps toward the shepherds of wisdom – the sages – united, dancing in the synchronized sacred herd of serving the Almighty.

Israel Meir (HaKohen) Kagan (1839-1933) AKA The Chofetz Chaim (Seeker/Desirer of Life) was one of the most influential sages during the late 19th and early 20th century. He wrote powerful works on gossip and slander – on the importance of guarding the tongue, and the power of speech – on the value of being kind to one another, and various ways to do so – and on the great importance of yearning for redemption.

The Chofetz Chaim’s expectation of the immediate redemption was so strong that he would always carry special garments to change into once the redemption begins. In modern day hip-hop cultural terms, that’s “gangster”.

Recently, what is being claimed as “the only video existing of the Chofetz Chaim” has surfaced – and is available, for your convenience, in a link listed below.

To me, those foot steps of the great sage, The Chofetz Chaim, in Vienna, 1923 – showcase the depth of humility, wisdom, sanctity and awe of a giant shephard.

Serving the Source with total simplicity, awe and humility is a perquisite to rising to the heights of spiritual wisdom.

Simple faith, means day after day chipping away at our exterior to reveal our inner essence. Simple faith means walking with the knowledge of where we came from, where we are going, what our role is, and who is running the show.

Walking in humility – with gratitude – unlocking the most enjoyable and sustainable levels of spiritual and physical joy possible.

As we set sail into the holiday of Purim, which commemorates Divine deliverance from plots which seek to destroy us – let us balance this great joy with the intense gratitude to our Creator and Sustainer for having our back during tough times until today. Let us rise early, in simplicity and joy, and intense presense – with wide open eyes, as we exchange reciprocal gifts of food and drink – disperse charity to those in need – celebrate with festive meals – unite to recount the storyline of deliverance – mask our identities in costumes – and consume what we fancy in public celebration.

Ah frielichen Purim! (I wish you a joyful Purim)



The simple steps of The Seeker of Life

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