In Prime Position



In Prime Position

The setup of our perspective has unique relevance to our experience and it’s outcome. Often we become engulfed in the chaos of our experience, where we can lose sight of miraculous blessings unfolding in front of us.

Shifting our perspective from constriction to expansion – from closed to open – from fear to excitement and joy – from victimhood to empowerment – from being stuck in traffic to flooring our race car and not looking back. This surge of self worth and confidence achieved by freeing ourselves from negative mental patterns, and seeing the eternal possibilities in front of our eyes, activates the reality and tunes us into a headspace, of being in “prime position”.

Prime means first, highest in rank or importance – of the greatest relevance or significance – the most flourishing stage or state – the choicest or best part of anything – the period of greatest vigor of human life – and its antonym’s range from downfall to worst to end.

When we get tested with fears and anxieties – when we are faced with the same old usual mid level, able to cope with but low frequency day to day mental patterns – when we are operating while barely holding our subconscious chaos beneath our experience – at these moments it is critical to focus our mental powers on our “position” – as human conscious beings, here with the opportunity to rise above the levels of the angels – here with free will to utilize, to attain eternal bliss – we are gifted with being in prime position through all of creation.

A wise soul recently shared with me the importance of focusing on where you personally are in your prime position – and to experience and navigate from that perspective. It’s very easy in the game of life to focus on what we have to do, haven’t done, and how behind the 8 ball we are.

Getting back to focusing on the good – focusing on where you are in prime position – and launching off from there – from that point.

Awakening to your day, making lists in a state of anxiety, prior to connecting to a connected state of mind, can have an adverse effect on ones life. The message was to start our day, and conversation – with ourselves and with others – from where you are in prime position – because if you lay it all out, there are gonna be some areas that you are.

What I took from that was a reminder to continuously work toward maintaining a lens of prime position focus to begin, lead and end my days.

As the checkered flag approaches, we need to look in the mirror and be honest – and through prayer and connection force the hand of the Source to penetrate into physicality and move our hands to write down what we need to be focused on – to face subconscious destructive patterns with battle plans in hand – to do everything that leads us closer to fulfilling the will of the Source.

Also, when we are charged with those blessed moments of heightened clarity or joy – or emotional connection to a family member or friend- those flash moments from above felt within – at that moment, we should not move from our place – literally don’t move your feet when you get these thoughts to return to and celebrate your true self. Stand there and take that in. That’s the Source communicating with you – answering your prayers. Don’t move your feet. Widen that lens, extend that experience to take up more bandwidth in your life – that’s gratitude – that’s focusing on the positive – that’s generating and broadcasting a frequency which attracts it’s like in kind.

That is prime position.



In Prime Position

3 thoughts on “In Prime Position

  1. Kent Berthold says:


    As always, thanks for your inspirational words!!! Wishing you well. Also, today is an important day for all Jews. PM Netanyahu will be speaking to Congress re Iran at 11:00a. Many of the Democrats have boycotted the speech – latest estimation is 55 members and of course POTUS/Obama, Biden are doing the same. What a shame.



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