Clouds of tears

cloud tears


Clouds of tears

To rise above our limitations we have to be prepared to lose our identity. We see people in all stages and forms in life – but really we are all just the same Divine spark in disguise.

Walking along the ocean this morning, reflecting on a system of wisdom I feel I’ve been blessed to start to begin to perceive at turning 40 , I looked up and saw a mentally disabled man just about my age. He was walking toward the ocean – crossing each other’s paths, and I stopped and looked at him as he passed – and pulled out my iPhone and started writing this.

I haven’t moved from this spot because the experience flows through you – the highest form of wisdom is called chochma (unbridled wisdom located at the top right of the Tree of Life Sefirot) – and then there is Bina (understanding, located at the top left of the Tree of Life Sefirot) which is our limited understanding of that raw wisdom. “Understanding” is the vessel used to contain wisdom – there are numerous paths of understanding – but only one wisdom.

Chochma consciousness – while appearing only in lightning like flashes, is the highest, rarest, most desirable point of connection – that’s the flash of wisdom that comes like a lightning bolt – is felt, but challenging – or exciting – to describe. It’s the Source communicating directly to you in an obvious way through the set-up of a scene in nature – carrying with it a code of communication to the most inner core of your Neshama – a USB port from heaven flash downloading a lesson to your vessel.

The great sage, Rebbe Noam Elimelech, tought that in order for us to do our work most effectively, we need to realize that there are clouds blocking our highest perception – caused by our past errs – and by waking up every single morning before the sun rises, and crying and pleading to the Source to remove the clouds from our past errs, is the only way to get to the level of performing our work with the greatest clarity – navigating with maximum light through the clouds of tears.

Thank the Creator that I can walk now – In one moment the Creator can take away that power. I’ve literally experienced it several times now. We are all vulnerable – one step away. We each have, or don’t have, from a list of physical faculties – which come and go like the seasons. The take away has been that whatever place the Source puts me in, I’m gonna cling to Him – and serve Him from that vantage point. Because that’s the point that He is placing me in to serve Him. So I surrender to it – and on a good day, incorporate joy during the process.

This perspective can be most effectively accomplished once you “give up who you are” – when you give up your identity. This trait is also what makes a spiritual guide most effective –  when he is totally tuned into the subject’s needs – channeling light directly through a cable, clear of any personal egoic residue or agenda.

Sometimes “Mercy” is the pain and anxiety we get to go through now. To mend us back to wholesome souls – back on course to our potential.

And, as for the potential of our physical identity…Well, let’s put it this way.

The Sefer Ta’amei Haminhagim states in the name of Eliyahu Rabba and Zohar that there is a bone in the brain which never vanishes. You can’t burn it, break it or grind it.

According to tradition there is a kind of bone no bigger than a corn of barley called the luz or neskvi – its shape is kind of cubic – and apparently it lies at the top of the spine, inside the skull – underneath the brain.

It’s described as having curious properties, as It receives nourishment only from food eaten on Saturday night at the melave malka meal (the sacred meal where we say farewell to the holy Sabbath Queen and enter into the week). And, it is indestructible – doesn’t decay in the grave. The Midrash says that the Roman Hadrian once took a luz and tried to grind it, burn it, and dissolve it in water – to no avail. When he hammered it against an anvil, the hammer and anvil broke.

It is taught that the future resurrection of the dead will be from this bone – that is, a person will be resurrected from his luz bone.

The idea behind it is that the luz symbolizes the point where physical and spiritual meet. Thus, it is nourished only from melave malka – the meal eaten between the spiritual Sabbath and the physical weekday.

So really, at the end, we are all just luz bones with temporary costumes carrying a soul within. Dust to dust. We come in different shapes, sizes, challenges, capabilities, tendencies and purposes but we all have the same task – to use these years wisely to reach our potential – to accomplish our soul correction during our lifetime. To spiritually nourish ourselves from the meals which link the spiritual and physical. The unity of the physical actions we take to create spiritual effects.

As we fast approach the holiday of Purim – when we mask our identity to reveal our true essence – let us remember how blessed we are to be a part of this holy nation of souls guided from above nature, and let us access the strength and kindness to help transform others around us toward their potential joy.

 Marbim B’simcha (increase our joy)

Off to the city that never sleeps.



Clouds of tears

4 thoughts on “Clouds of tears

  1. Stephanie says:

    Increase joy
    Increase joy
    Increase joy
    Increase joy
    Clouds of tears must lift into joyous vapors
    Not stay down and drown in devastation
    No no
    Create create create
    Art of LIVING


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