The Prism of Mercy



The Prism of Mercy

There’s a certain Neshama (soul) who I’m close with, a good friend, who is suffering with severe anxiety about the current state, and future of – their health, and the health of their child – high stakes – anxiety from multiple vantage points of assault.

When I suffered through the same I reached out to a Lion of Emunah and he told me:

“So what are you worried about, the future?”

I then paused to indicate a “yes” through my silence, and he continued.

“So you want me to tell you about what’s going to happen to us in the future?”, he then uttered – followed by a brief cackle of a laugh, with the deepest significance.

I expressed myself through silence and breath again – as if to non-verbally acknowledge the message –  that we are all destined to the box. That’s really what I needed from that call.

Now, I realize that’s not what everyone needs to make it through a challenging circumstance – but the universal point is that there’s an end to our suffering – it could be the next moment, next month or sometime beyond – but it’s here to teach us something profound – and it’s critical to move closer to the Source – rather than backing away from the crippling shock of anxiety – during these times. Sometimes, once we comprehend and internalize the message – the Messenger lets up a bit. The circumstances may not physically change right away, but our attitude and energy can – and our attitude and energy can alter our physical reality.

This is an important point to ponder while bathing in the whole fear thing, it’s unstable here in the physical world – anything can be taken away from us at any moment – and contrary perhaps to our lower understanding, it’s for our best – from a higher, and to many, seemingly hidden realm of mercy.

It doesn’t matter where we are – the heights of comfort, impatiently awaiting cocktail service from the soft white towel – or sprawled out in the depths of the shadows of fear – with the lip service and concerned eyes of doctors, and their statistics, backing it up each moment.

Remember, we are ruled from above the stars – go outside and look up at the Adar moon and its supporting cast of stars. There’s joy to draw in – even now. Adar is all about beating the odds. Purim, baby, is around the bend. We can get beat down but we can heal and emerge victorious – along with the invaluable lessons learned along the way.

All we need to be concerned with right this moment, is serving the Source – doing our work from wherever the Source places us. Get down on the ground and cry to our Father in heaven – through realization here, and only here, can we grasp the meaning of our challenges and fears – and we can even, with effort, reach through the clouds and evolve to a mindset of traversing through the cycles of our obstacles, and performing our work – in joy.

Woe to the one whose perspective is influenced through the limiting eyes of others – to the one who’s self worth rests on the shaky grounds of past wounds, future anxieties and mega-pixel projections.

The Source transmits our experience from a single point of Oneness. Imagine a crystal prism with a ray of light hitting it from above – producing a full spectrum of colors. Each color takes on its own identity but comes from the same light. There are darker colors – experiences which can seem scary. Our job is to see the One light in all colors, all experiences – even the most darkest of shades.

With the sacred law of cause and effect we are often gifted with the opportunity to heal a prior wound during our lifetime. The wise one maintains faith even during these frightening moments – on the look out for higher wisdom – holding onto faith through the cycles – but this is made possible only through giving oneself the time to properly connect to the Source of their experience – to seek the root cause with humility and yearning. Revelations do follow.

There’s a story of a sage who was in synagogue in prayer during the morning Amidah (silent standing meditative prayer) when a shell of a rocket shattered the window to his side – legend has it that he didn’t even flinch – so connected to the Source – to the essence of who we are, that physical distractions are drowned out in the background.

My good friend, I offer you love and support. My prayers – all day. Reminders to hold on – even now during the peaks of uncertainty and anxiety. We are human and these emotions happen to us all. It’s easy to give advice to someone – not so easy to fully take it in while you’re going through the challenge – but it is possible. Let the waves and cycles of fear and concern lead you even closer to the Source of your experiences. Ruled above numbers, stats, charts and stars. Believe in miracles. Make room for the miracles to come. Gratitude and focus – even during explosions. We are all headed to the same destination. Each in our time. Feel the unity in the experience – breath by breath – and even in this state, try to reach out to help others going through similar challenges. The Creator loves you, His child, and rules the world with mercy even when we don’t understand. Now is the precise time to garner the most valuable lessons – open your arms wide and let it unfold, in faith and prayer – focus on the light beaming into your prism – the light of higher mercy.

Refuah shelayma (complete speedy recovery). I’m with you.



The Prism of Mercy

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