A cigar on the beach



A cigar on the beach

At last you’ve arrived at the ocean’s edge – towel and sunscreen in hand – ice cold Perrier to wash down Pfizer’s latest and greatest – kick off the haviannas, lay your old bones down on the lounge chair and gaze out at the ocean’s horizon for a moment before diving into that fiction thriller. The vacation destination – the purpose of our hard work – where we can detach for a moment, take in what life is really about – and just relax and breathe. Many good folks spend their last silver and golden years on that chair with the screaming pigeons circling above – watching wave after wave.


And here comes the Beach Comber – that man in timberlands, winter hat, cargo pants and a 1977 insulated jacket – in 85 degrees – with his metal detector fully extended – waving it back and forth, back and forth – day after day sifting through the sand, seeking the gems left behind – “beeping out.”


I know a man who, for “vacation”, travels to the outer most spiritual boundary of connectivity to the energy of the land of Israel – to Uman, Ukraine – the home of the grave of the great one – the holy one – the prophet to our days, Rebbe Nachman ben Faiga – to “escape”.

This man beeps out sifting through the souls of the nation promised to be more numerous than the grains of sand on the sea shore – seeking the hidden precious sparks left behind. Pulling gems from the lowest places –  nursing them to spiritual health with the wisdom of experience and truth.

To the seeker of Source: Vacations are not about escaping work – they’re about escaping the distractions of our real Work.

When we enter the world as babies we can’t walk, and when we get really old, we can’t walk once again. During our few years of physical functionality, it’s become easier and easier to hit the auto pilot button. Technology has our lives by the short hairs. That’s why moments of breaking through the canvas of our experience – stabbing holes for rays of eternal light to penetrate, are more vital than ever. This is hitbodidut (active personal all out legit dialogue – poetry rap style with the Creator and Sustainer of our experience) – and I just can’t seem to stop writing about it.

If you’re inspired by the words of Rebbe Nachman, and don’t take time for hitbodidut – you’re connected to his teachings from an academic perspective – we need to dive into and experience his words – and only then will we comprehend their meaning. Hitbodidut was numero uno on his to-do list.

Prophecy comes when you make the time for it. Illumination arrives when you prepare a vessel to contain it.

Hitbodidut is spiritual surgery to repair a day’s worth of hard knocks to our vessel.

Out of body perception is on display at a theater near you – here and now, during moments of hitbodidut.

It’s not a good look as a grown adult to still be carrying around your baby blanky. Sometimes it takes sincere conversation with our Maker to identify – to let go of our old rags – those auto-tune traits that pepper our personality and dampen our shine. And once we get it – it’s just uncivilized to not share it.

What differentiated Moses from Noah? Moses did not stop at directing us to build an arc to traverse through physicality toward the eternal homeland. Moses refused to go without us. The enlightened sage involves himself in – and takes on, the suffering of others – anchoring himself into our experience – as a bridge we walk on – we rely on, to go onward.

I’m beginning to realize what the sages meant when they would say that “all that I’ve written until today is just an introduction to the wisdom I experience” – a crumb of a crumb of the wisdom housed within – with no words worthy to effectively carry their transmission externally – not enough ink.

That’s why some of the deepest wisdom was embedded within stories – child-like simple stories which contain the depths of unlimited knowledge.

More time must be spent working on our inner essence than the egoic shell – at least a measly five minutes a day – and in a physical world, subject to the laws of time and space – we need to follow the Creator’s lead – and carve out our point of focus, through carving through our physical attributes, to make room for spiritual connection – as He carved away His Ein Sof (unlimited eternal essence) to make room to reveal His attributes in the physical world.

Hitbodidut is when we get to think about this all for a moment.

Best of luck to those who set sail without a map, who plow forward without re-strategizing – who enter Super Bowl Sunday without reviewing the clips of past games. If you still haven’t tried it yet, I admire your will and bravado – but it may be wise to consider experimenting with a system designed and tested to achieve a higher level of joy and meaning.

Hey, I can always start a second blog called “Seekers of what you’re comfortable hearing”. Or, send a daily automated post with emoji’s and pick me ups – but I’m in basic training here –a fellow soldier in the army of the General King Source Himself.

The sound of all of our unique instruments together – the sound of serving the Source in joy – the music of heaven broadcasted from right here – the music of King David’s 10 Sefirot harp – the orchestrated harmony of fulfilling our collective purpose – will bring redemption through mercy.

A wise man once told me that he finally figured out how to enjoy a cigar on the beach — with the wind at your back.

The direction of our perspective determines the satisfaction of our experience.



A cigar on the beach

10 thoughts on “A cigar on the beach

  1. Stephanie says:

    Im crying
    Genius and funny and cut through my heart
    Baby blanket
    You are on it and my favorite lyrical poet
    Because I am crying, I will take these tears and go talk to HASHEM right now
    Bless you
    Thank you


  2. Rob says:

    After reading your post, I spent a purposeful few minutes reflecting. Hitbodidut. Powerful to actually, actively meditate on what’s really happening all around and within. Hard to focus too. Takes lots of practice, like all things. Much love.


    1. The greatest treasure is protected. It’s like a muscle. Bringing yourself to tears of joy or pain are helpful to shatter the illusionary walls which guard it. And to remember that your soul needs it like water. And your Maker craves it like love. Xox, e


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