The Devil’s Arcade



The Devil’s Arcade

To my brothers and sisters out there fighting the good fight – courageously bumping up against your inner demons – summoning all you got to pull yourself up to who You are.

The red streaks in the eyes – the windows to the soul – come from anger and rage – addiction and lust – sadness and depression – boredom and zoning out. This several decade ride is a sort of game – one with extremely high stakes – welcome to the Devil’s Arcade.

On the arrival back to consciousness – post op – we wake up under the bright blockbuster lights of the recovery room connected to a number of tubes and wires. One of which has the sacred role of delivering a steady drip of what Alodus Huxley referred to as “soma”, Jerry Garcia called it “candy”, the street junky calls it “junk” – and the caring nurse from the islands refers to it as “pain medication”.


Sometimes you get a device hooked up intravenously with a joystick button that, when pressed, swiftly delivers a flow of one or two milligrams of morphine into your veins. While the device is connected to a timer, which only allows for its delivery a maximum of once per every so often, one seeking comfort from the trauma of being split open can repeatedly tap that button as if he was playing Atari Centipede in a 1986 beach town boardwalk arcade.

The rush of sweet mystical breeze flows through the body, extends past the fingertips and rests in the mind – instantly shifting perspective to happiness and positivity towards our surroundings – the nerve center of the brain, quenched from a ravenous thirst for satisfaction and comfort within.

That’s the core pull of the physical – the root of the desire to receive for the self. The material vessel calling for bounty – its fix.

That’s the most natural and powerful urge within us – and according to the wisdom of the kabbalah – our job is to transform that desire to receive for the self alone, into the desire to receive for the purpose of sharing with others.

From a vessel to a cable

From a recipient to a partner

From a taker to a giver

From addiction to authentic power

From authentic power to our potential – and our potential, aligned with the Source – to all of creation.

Transformation from constriction to the heights of purpose, in the land of expansion – the quest toward Garden of Eden consciousness- puppeteering our footsteps from heaven while firmly walking on earth.

As the emperor of the dark side, the adversary’s anaconda grip is impossible to break without unleashing our inner Moses – to bravely lead us to the inner chambers of our hardened heart – confronting it – banging on it’s ancient door and demanding the release of our nation of conscious potential from the grip of mental constriction holding us captive in the dungeon of Malchut (physical kingdom).


Our inner Moses was pulled from the river flow and raised in the king’s castle of physicality – and through his perception – through receiving the calling of the Source – and the courage to follow his higher calling – through recognizing and unleashing his potential — that’s the part of us that’s speaking to us – that’s the part of our self who’s perspective we need to steer from.

Moses, too, was a Pisces – the greatest leader of all time had to overcome his own destructive inclinations and challenges – to rise to his potential.

Pisces are known for their good luck and abundance – prosperity of all kinds. This is also the reason why Pisces (fish) are a symbol for protection from evil eye.

Astrologically, Pisces have the tendency toward fatalism – and the great sensitivity of the Pisces is the reason for their potential lack of ambition. Therefore one of their primary goals for transformation is choosing rolls of leadership and responsibility, like Moses. Pisces can use their great sensitivity and modesty to protect themselves against falling into the trap of egoism and arrogance that most people fall into as they achieve positions of leadership.

With this unique power, The Pisces has a massive opportunity – and with all massive opportunity comes equal and opposite massive obligation – to utilize our gifts for the highest purpose – but it requires great wisdom and sharing, or else the Pisces will fall deep downward and develop addictions such as gambling, alcohol, sex or drugs.

The spiritual work of the Pisces is overcoming passiveness and the illusionary feeling of wholeness – complacency.

The Pisces should express their inner need to help others and use it to leverage themselves from passiveness. However, part of their tikun (soul rectification) is to know how to say no to others requests – since helping others does not mean fulfilling others desires, but nourishing and empowering them with spiritual light.

So too, must we learn to say no to ourselves – since helping our self does not mean fulfilling our desires, but nourishing and empowering our self with spiritual light.

When we fully realize that our actions in the current state are impregnating the future with our own harvest – we understand, and know – that we only seek to do good. But, our physical nature slowly pulls us back to its natural base animalistic tendencies – we live with a beast within that sleeps in the castle but belongs in the stables. The adversary – the wizard at the end of the endless game – a high score on his pinball machine – where we get to engrave our initials is what we’re gunning for.The pinball wizard, emerging victorious from the devil’s arcade.


Chazak, Chazak V’nitchazek! (Be strong, Be strong and may we be strengthened!)



The Devil’s Arcade

8 thoughts on “The Devil’s Arcade

  1. Rob says:

    Dear Etan,

    You enlighten and share from your heart, even when dealing with much pain. Blessings for a complete and speedy recovery.

    You have emboldened me to believe (once again) that I can achieve in my quest toward Garden of Eden consciousness, and it is more meaningful that you might realize. You are a crossfit coach for the spirit and I love the words you share so passionately. Mystical Pisces Tzadik!


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