Moon Pie



Moon Pie

The greatest purpose we were given was to mold duality into unity. The most sacred application of this task occurs between masculine and feminine energy – the holy covenant of soul mates.

Moments we allow ourselves the luxury of deep reflection and accounting are peppered with treasure chests of sparks of wisdom and understanding – accessing this wisdom leads us to a state of freedom time.

There’s an actual bond – a connection we have – a Briss (covenant) with the Creator.

The idea of Briss (covenant – in general, but usually associated with the circumcision of a child), is a fascinating concept – a covenant with the Source. A permanent physical mark, with the deepest spiritual significance.

Briss is not limited to a child’s Briss when he’s 8 days old – one day above nature – where “nature” is intended to signify the world having been created by the Source in 7 days of creation.

Briss represents our continued obligation to rise up to a level of standard fit for a nation of priests channeling the light of the Source.

Sefer Yetzirah (the Book of Formation), in its most basic translation, mentions another Briss – a covenant of the mouth – through which prayer and blessing originate – and both the traditional lower mark of the Briss, and the split which allows for the production of words – are connected to the center column of the Tree of Life.

Kabalistically, this center column represents the Tree of Good and Evil, because the realms of good and evil co-exist, intermingling with each-other in the center column – along the lumbar spine – just saying. We were told to eat from the Tree of Life – not from the center column, the “Tree of Knowledge of good and evil”.

The holy covenant involves elevating the foundation of creative expression to its highest purpose. This covenant also exists in our physical relationship with the world, and in the sanctity of our relationship with our soul mate.

Since our past is the seed which impregnates our future, let’s all agree to the following:

  1. Only plant good seeds
  2. Perceive our circumstance as an opportunity to heal past events.

The secret weapon of mass formation – A.K.A. – hitbodidut – works like plugging a device into a power outlet – Divine messages engrave our heart –  clarity pierces through cloudy visions – that’s what time spent during one on one private dialogue with the Source produces. All kinds of things can come up, and the codes of wisdom are contained in the messages sent – they become apparent and obvious. Your body reacts physically when Divine communication is absorbed – like the chills, and neck hair standing, and goose bumps – prophecy in the old days was achieved while convulsing with Divine messages, which the body just couldn’t absorb fully in its natural state – having to rock and shake to detach from the perceived steadiness of physicality – to grab the next rung up – to receive the higher energy and guidance – to articulate Divinity –  to perceive the future.

Deciding on the take away message of a session of hitbodidut is accomplished through processing and understanding the wisdom shined from above – containing the message and integrating it. Specifics on its integration and application will reveal themselves.

The luxury – the midlife gift of giving yourself (really, one hour a day – but really to start, even just 5 minutes of sincere time a day in active private dialogue with the Creator, should be our most cherished pleasure) elevating this need to connect, recognizing the value of relying on a daily authentic connection to the Source. The relationship and dialogue generates more than faith – it produces confidence and certainty.

So much will come from that 5 mins when you learn to access a window to your subconscious through understanding the secrets of the unfolding of our formation.

When the new moon is shining, the unity of the sacred bond aligned and love reigns – when the depths of unconditional love radiates so strong – the face of the Moon Pie unfolds into its natural state of Emunah, healthy, joy – Divine connection.

I am forever and eternally grateful to my soul mate, Stephanie.




Moon Pie

3 thoughts on “Moon Pie

  1. B Hines says:

    We all need spiritual meals in order to keep growing into a being that is not only mentally and emotionally capable, but one that is energetically fit to appreciate and fulfill the purposes charged to our life by the creator. Reading this piece, for me was not a spiritual meal, this was a spiritual buffet.

    May many blessings rain upon all.

    – B. Hines


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