Higher perception through mind sanctification



Higher perception through mind sanctification

Perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment. All perception involves signals in the nervous system, which in turn result from physical or chemical stimulation of the sense organs. For example, vision involves light striking the retina of the eye, smell is mediated by odor molecules, and hearing involves pressure waves.

Perception is the lens through which we define our reality and understand the meaning of the signals being sent to us from the Source.

There are two primary routes to higher perception:

1. Perception after many prior understandings
2. Perception without any prior understanding

Rebbe Nachman brings down a method on how to reach the level of being able to perceive without prior understanding – through the arousal of Divine benefaction.

He teaches that Divine benefaction is aroused to the extent that we sanctify our mind – and our mind is sanctified to the extent that we sanctify the 7 apertures of our face which feed into the mind (the mouth, 2 eyes, 2 ears and 2 nostrils = 7)

The Divine benefaction generated through mind sanctification is what governs our ability to perceive without prior understanding.

“But the only way to attain this Divine benefaction is by sanctifying one’s mouth, nose, eyes and ears – they are what enlighten a person with the Divine benefaction.”            L’M #21

Here are directions, inspired by L’M #21, on how to “sanctify” your mouth, nose, eyes and ears – so that you can become enlightened with Divine benefaction – with the gift of insight without the need for prior understanding.

Mouth: Guard yourself to not speak any falsehood.

Nose: Elevate fear to the Source. This is not about being “scared” of the Creator. It means to acknowledge the spiritual system of cause and effect orchestrated and maintained by the Source. To recognize that everything in our lives comes only from the Source of everything.

Ears: Have faith in the sages. Listen to their words and absorb their wisdom.

Eyes: Close your eyes from beholding evil. See the good points in everything – judge others favorably – constrict from gazing at low level energy sapping matter.

Interestingly, These 7 apertures correspond to the 7 branches of the menorah (candelabrum) used in the holy temple.

The menorah corresponds to the “head”. The “mind” and the “face” of the menorah correspond to the Divine benefaction.

By guarding what comes out of our mouth, what we gaze at – what we focus on in others and in ourselves – through establishing faith in the sages, and incorporating their wisdom – and through elevating our fear to the Source – we sanctify our head (the menorah), which draws Divine benefaction (higher perception)

By sanctifying our mind, our “temple”, we align our senses with Divine holiness and become worthy conduits for Divine presence in our lives – expressed through the gifts of Divine benefaction and higher perception.




Higher perception through mind sanctification

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