Take the plunge – Pre Shabbat Mikvah Adventures



Take the plunge – Pre Shabbat Mikvah Adventures

It’s Friday 1pm and I’m standing here at the edge of the Mikvah. One foot still in the week and the other in Shabbat. When I come back up those stairs I’m another man in another zone.

Shabbat is all about shaking free from the accumulated energetic buildups of the week – and hitting the Mikvah (ritual bath) before Shabbat, elevates Shabbat to the sanctuary of a crispy clean palace fit for Divine royalty.

In addition to the angels who descend upon your dining room this evening with gifts of peace and blessing, guess who else is joining your family for dinner tonight? Yup, the Source. He’s here to celebrate with you the purpose of creation – the first in thought, last in deed. It is wise to prepare the home environment for a visit from the King of kings. Items left on the floor or pillows out of place may be viewed as suspicious. The Mikvah is the spiritual shower for the prisoner who is brought before the King’s throne.

I share this, to this extent, because at the end, you’re not gonna be thanking a friend with awe of heaven, who didn’t honk a loud horn in your ears, to wake you up, as you casually strolled toward the sunset along the endless boardwalk of disconnection.

When we share truth its natural for someone to question the underlying elements of belief. “How do you know for sure?”, Creeps out of the mind of he whose soul craves what they are about to hear.

If you stand a dead man up on his heels, perfectly balanced, and ever so gently let go, the dead man will always collapse. The magic of the soul is what’s within the cellular structure – the hand beneath the glove.

Nature and the physical universe is a beyond magnificent display showcasing the even more awesome, and on going, capabilities of the Source of all sources – the Merciful Megapixel Broadcaster Himself.

You need to shout in your brother’s ear and rebuke him from his iPhone inbox to break through the paralyzing grip of the Egypt of today.

A total sell out to the adversary – to keep us constantly clinging to devices that become, if judged according to action, more important than a new born child crying for milk.

Shabbat is a reminder that really, we serve the Creator. Mikvah is about re-emerging pure and connected, rejuvenated and refreshed, invigorated, light filled, in a holy zone – free and in joy, dancing in the footsteps of Shabbos Kodesh.

There’s a guy I usually see at the Mikvah – he must be like 80 – long white beard hunched over with a black hat – there every week like clockwork – rain snow or shine – and the joy he gets distributing the light of the Lubavitcher Rebbeh- those weekly pamphlets – the joy and complete certainty of purpose to share the wisdom of the holy prophets and sages who have inspired him – who have led him from Egypt to freedom – his hand is his computer, his pamphlet his blog post – he just says “Zei Gezunt” (be healthy/well) in a Russian accent, and hands you a pamphlet – That’s it.

And here he comes right now…


I don’t see things by chance – and for this to be happening right now, the first sign sent to me upon exiting the Mikvah – as I’m writing this piece, on this bench, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.. Personal supervision is clear to me – so that’s why I try to break it down and explain it clearly. You’re the main character and this is your set, and I’m just an old friend with a horn, in your inbox.

Now back to humming the Breslov Lecha Dodi niggun…

and off home to sail into shabbos.



Take the plunge – Pre Shabbat Mikvah Adventures

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