Bedtime episodes of deep Torah exchange by a 9 year old



Bedtime episodes of deep torah exchange by a 9 year old

*The following unedited prophetic words were channeled by my holy son, Lev Tzion last night.

Title: “If you’re wondering why you don’t get enough respect”

Author: Lev Tzion Butler

The world is created for three reasons:

1. For never ending happiness and joy
2. For us to work for Olam Habbah (the world to come) and Moshiach (the coming of the Messiah)
3. For free will

If a person wants respect, respect is going to run away from him or her, as they say. The world is created for three reasons, as I said earlier, and there is no reason for one certain person to get all of the respect. That person who got all the respect, you would think that he would be the only one who gets the big sin – but no. If that person had all of the respect, that means that basically all of the people in the world would be doing a sin because he would basically be acting like HaShem, because HaShem is the one who gets all the respect because He created the world. And HaShem was the one who created that person, so that means that HaShem should be getting that respect that the person has. And HaShem made it so that people don’t just not get all the respect, but also doesn’t get just what they always want – and I personally think that HaShem is good for making those things that we should work for and that is why HaShem created us, to work for those things.

From Etan Butler’s son, Lev

PS. “Bring love to all. If you do a little, it could do a lot”.

PPS.” Abba, first of all we should move in with your Rabbi – I have to talk with him about a lot of things”.

Both of my 9 year old sons, Gal Zohar and Lev Tzion then asked me to ask them any question that they could provide an answer to. So I asked them the following question, and their responses to it are listed below:

Question: If HaShem created the world to give us never ending happiness and joy, and if giving charity is what opens up the pipes of blessing into our lives – then why is it that sometimes when a person gives charity, he does not see an increase in the flow of abundance in his life?

Lev Tzion’s answer: “No one realizes that they’re still alive. They just want want want want want everything and are so focused on wanting things that they don’t even realize that HaShem already paid them back by making them alive – people just realize that they want everything.”

Gal Zohar’s answer: “ You may think that HaShem is paying you back with money, but really its happiness, health and a good family – and some people are in the street – you should be thankful that you have a house and a family and that’s your payment from HaShem.”


During my evening hitbodidut, I thought about how there are moments in our lives where breakthroughs occur, and we receive a burst of true soul knowledge that speaks crystal clearly to us. An awakening from above met with an awakening from below resulting in true daas (fully integrated understanding, knowing)

The process of spiritual evolution requires us to recognize parts of ourselves which are not in alignment with the Source – to shine the light on our destructive tendencies, self sabotaging behaviors, and to formally let go of bad habits. Those on the path of evolution are going through this process at every moment. The process works in the following order:

First we access internal honesty –  which leads to weighing our actions – leads to sensitizing ourselves to the vibrations we emit through our behaviors – leads to gratitude for the holy and connected areas of ourselves and the love of the light; the clarity of the Divine dance – leads to honoring our true selves – our eternal souls.

This establishes a connection to and identification with our good points within.

This level of awareness and authenticity leads to openness – leads to seeking – leads to finding a guide – leads to integration of wisdom – leads to growth – leads to strength – leads to evolution – leads to incubating and housing insights – leads to sharing – leads to leading – leads to creating – leads to the Source.

It is up to us to work to increase our sensitivity to behaviors which need to change. This requires awareness and introspection – and then the courage to implement the wisdom which follows, and to share it with others.


Etan, Gal and Lev

Bedtime episodes of deep Torah exchange by a 9 year old

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