A prayer for a friend in need


A prayer for a friend in need

I was asked by a close friend to help compose a prayer for a newly established prayer group. This group will be meeting weekly for the purpose of offering a collective prayer in the merit of one of their friends who is undergoing surgery for a serious disease.

Here it is:

Holy Power in heaven thank you for my life, thank You for the miracles You shine on me every day. Thank You for leading us together as a group to connect with each other and offer the fruits of our connection to You. Master of the universe, Source of life and love and blessing. Your ways are beyond our understanding and only through faith can we bridge the gap and see beyond our self imposed boundaries and limitations. I offer all I am, my ego, self perception, wants and needs to You, my Source, my Sustainer. May Your light shine upon us as we bend our will to Your will so that Your will becomes our will. Illuminate me with faith, blessing, peace and abundant health. Fill me with more and more faith that You are here with me every step, through every challenge – strengthen me with this knowing and have mercy upon your child. Wink at me through nature to encourage me. In love and gratitude, Your humble servant. Amen.



A prayer for a friend in need

3 thoughts on “A prayer for a friend in need

  1. Stephanie says:

    Stunning beautiful words !! Bless you צדיק גדול !! I know your words will uplift and connect with so many!!!! SHINE ON ANGEL!!!


  2. Joel Plasco says:

    Please God I won’t ever be in the position to need your guidance in a similar situation but if I ever do, to know you’ll be by my side will give me the strength to face whatever life has to throw at me.


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