Intimacy with the Source



Intimacy with Source

“Communicate Your innermost wisdom to me again in loving closeness, for Your friendship is dearer than all earthly delights” – Song of Songs

Intimacy is a critical component to reaching the heights of a relationship. Intimacy brings two together into one – duality into unity.

Intimacy is defined by us at a very early age.

Our relationship to intimacy is influenced by relationships we experience during childhood – through the level of intimacy expressed to us, and through the reactions to intimacy we witness from others. We develop a view of how to react to intimacy expressed between others and to ourselves.

Some have a highly evolved capacity for intimacy. Others connect to it from a crippled viewpoint of a detached child of war.

Intimacy involves exposing yourself, stepping out from the walls of ego – through collective soul expression – through singing together on a Shabbat night, and hitting high notes.

Intimacy is humming a niggun with the Source while walking through the streets of Manhattan.

Intimacy is slowly pronouncing words and syllables in prayer.

Intimacy is expressing how you really feel to another, as uncomfortable as your false ideas of yourself may be.

Some prefer to express intimacy through their actions toward another. Each relationship has a unique tune carrying its own chords of intimacy.

Sometimes the most delightful expression of intimacy is the offering of a gift, where intimacy is expressed in its preparation, significance and delivery. That can say more than many words sometimes. As can actions performed for someone in need – to give in a way which allows for them to maintain their dignity. That’s an intimate gift because it takes the innermost feelings of the recipient to mind.

We are either being intimate with the Source or with the snake. Blockages in our expression of intimacy embolden our intimacy with our limitations.

The greater the sage, the clearer he mirrors his sages before him – especially in the attribute of bold individuality in his expression of intimacy with the Source.


The most intimate relationship there is, is the relationship between the Source and the community of our souls. To experience this intimacy most clearly, we need to create unity within – intimacy through harmony between our soul and body. We can then establish intimacy between ourselves and the community. This creates the environment for intimacy to thrive between the Source and creation.

“Upon perceiving a mere hint that You wished to draw me, we rushed with perfect faith after You into the wilderness…” – Song of Songs




Intimacy with the Source

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