How to get connected


How to get connected

We may see some truth to what we’ve been learning. We may believe that there’s a power above running the show. We may even feel that our prayers are being heard. But how do we really get connected to the Source – and how can we see that the connection is real?

In the physical world, the Source relates to us through nature – so we start to look for signals being sent to us through nature.

We may notice that every time we engage in a negative or destructive act, we see a similar sign like a text or a phone call from a person somehow connected to our actions.

We may see a pattern developing in our career. Every time we are selfish and cut corners in business, we end up getting scammed and giving everything back.

It may seem like a coincidence the first few times. And there’s no way to really “prove” it’s anything more, but our sixth sense starts to pick up that there’s something more personal at work.

Initially, we may dismiss our thinking as superstitious and the signs as random, but once we develop a trust for the signals and make changes to our behavior as a result, additional signals appear. Our sensitivity to the signals increases.

And soon, nothing is random. It’s the Source sending constant signals – giving us the ability to constantly evolve to no end.

To me, this is a “religious” person. Not one who follows a tradition of actions alone but one who is attuned to and continuously implementing signals from above – refining their character through connection and growth.

I’ve prayed consistently for the Source to reveal Himself to me. To wink at me through nature. To show me that He is here guiding me – involved in my life. And the more I asked for this with sincerity, the more I started perceiving the signs.

The more connected I became the clearer the signs were.

Prophecy is the ability to perceive – to channel clearly from the Source. That’s it. A Kabbalist master is able to “see” things, because he has peeled away layer after layer of materiality and physical identification so that he can see the signs clearly. One who is overly clouded with societal and cultural influences or in a fog of false identity cannot perceive with the highest clarity. Their spiritual receptors are bombarded with dense noise.

We have the ability to perceive the Source at work in our lives at every moment – and this perception becomes supported and grounded through our actions.

We are constantly planting seeds. Our thoughts, actions and intentions are all seeds that grow into trees and bare fruits. Down the road we nourish ourselves from the fruits of the trees we’ve planted. There are no exceptions – we reap what we sow – what comes around goes around. Our thoughts and actions are a boomerang.

There are universal truths and there is active personal supervision. The wise will honor the truths – planting good seeds, performing good deeds, restricting from negative actions and tuning into the signals from above – climbing level after level through faith then clarity then faith then clarity. The Source is always communicating. It’s up to us to hear the call.

There is great importance in daily meditation – slowing down to cut through the noise – tuning into and reflecting upon the signals and patterns of our life. This is how we get connected.



How to get connected

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