Inspiration or Intervention?

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Inspiration or Intervention?

After the end of all, He alone will reign – the Awesome One. It is He Who was, and He who is, and He Who shall remain in splendor.” – Adon Olam

Our soul’s relationship with the Source is more intimate than we can imagine. The love, yearning and connection between them is alive and eternal.

We are going to return to One. It’s who we are, where we came from and where we are headed to after this brief journey through time and space. And, with our gift of free will, we get to choose how.

Our spiritual evolution happens in one of two ways:

1. Through our own inspiration, effort and growth. Or,
2. Through suffering, which forces us to face and evolve from our current state.

Both inspiration and intervention come from Divine mercy, since they both lead us to transformation.

The process of rectification from areas of disconnection is achieved in one of two ways:

1. Returning to our true nature, through our own actions and contrition. Or,
2. Through suffering, which forces us to face and evolve from our current state.

It is taught that the Messiah will come in one of two ways:

1. Through unity/kindness/joy. Or,
2. Through duality/judgment/suffering.

When the great redemption comes – when the veil is lifted and truth is revealed – when falsehood and illusion vanish into the bright light of Oneness; the shock of duality between body and soul is exposed. “Where are you? What’s in your pockets? What’s on your mind? What are you chasing?, are the questions we will face with nowhere to hide.

There are stories of great sages who would meditate on the experience of their death. There is a concept of “cheating death”, of preparing now for what’s coming and borrowing from the wisdom that many experience during their final moments, and integrating that wisdom into our lives today; of imagining ourselves resting in peace looking back on our lives. Now is the time to prevent the regret and shame experienced by living an unconscious life – of creating disconnection between the body and soul – of remaining enslaved by material lusts and desires which poison the soul in exchange for moments of thrill, and years of pain, to the body and mind.

Divine intervention first manifests as a whisper, then a tap on the shoulder, and then a slap on the wrist, hammer on the head, and so on until we take action ourselves – or, if we are lucky, we are forced to make change through temporary suffering – this is a much better option than remaining in a comfortably numb state of existence until the pine box.

For those of us who are blessed with faith, and recognize that we are here to evolve – and that there is an accounting for our actions, how much longer are we interested in standing in the quicksand – numbing out through addiction, hiding behind a profile – while knowing that we are being called to pursue a higher purpose.

King Solomon said it in Ecclesiastes: “So remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come, and those years arrive of which you will say, “I have no pleasure in them”; before the sun, the light, the moon and stars grow dark, and the clouds return after the rain…”

Taking that next step, grabbing the next rung, is what we can do today and at every moment. The path continues to open in front of us and we get to choose where we travel. I prefer to be led by light, by the councel of the prophets and sages who cleared the way to truth and dug the wells to wisdom.

Shabbat Shalom,



Inspiration or Intervention?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration or Intervention?

  1. Menachem Zakai says:

    Etan- Thanks for adding me to your new blog. I have really enjoyed and gained from the posts I have read. Continue to be led by the light and may Hashem give you always the strength to share of it w/others. 🙂 Best regards-

    Menachem Zakai


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