Shabbat – The Source of Blessing



Shabbat – The Source of Blessing

Shabbat is the purpose of my week. The process of shutting down from electronic communication and withdrawing from all forms of creative work creates a bubble of bliss in my life. I can start feeling the magic of Shabbat on Wednesday night, just knowing that tomorrow is the day before the day of Shabbat.

Just like this lifetime is considered a corridor to the reunification with the eternal world, so too is the work week to Shabbat. It’s one of the Ten Commandments – to remember and guard the holy Shabbat. To me, this extends to remembering our ultimate purpose – walking through life with consciousness of the eternal world, “the world to come”.

Shabbat is a weekly reminder of what we are working for and where we are going – in the bigger picture.

Shabbat is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.

The quality of light we experience on Shabbat is determined by the amount of energy we put in to its preparation during the week. So too is the quality of light our souls will bask in in the eternal world – based on our thoughts, actions and intentions here.

Shabbat is the source of blessing in our lives. What we put into Shabbat – how we connect, restrict and celebrate – affects the blessings we experience during the upcoming week.

There is a concept of “living” in the world to come during our days on Earth – the ability to “borrow” and experience now from the indescribable joy of what’s to come. It is sometimes referred to as “tasting” the world to come. In fact, we are taught that during Shabbat it is possible to connect to 1/60th of the joy of the world to come. It’s also taught that one moment of bliss in the world to come is more intense than the totality of our experiences of joy during our lifetime.

We also have the ability to “taste” Shabbat during the week – to “borrow” today from the glow of next Shabbat. And, we have the power to create pockets of Shabbat connection every day.

Starting the day off going to a minyan (prayer group), wrapped in the Divine wings of a tallis (prayer shawl), binding ourselves to the Source through wrapping tefillin. Expressing gratitude for everything we have before jumping into the day. Strengthening ourselves through connecting to the Psalms of David – his struggles, clarity, revelations and joy. Looking within and declaring the Oneness of Source and all of creation – this is the Shabbat of the day – and from it, flows the blessings into our lives.



Shabbat – The Source of Blessing

3 thoughts on “Shabbat – The Source of Blessing

  1. Rob says:

    So poignant and accessible your writing, what a gift to your readers. Beautiful. Makes me want to rethink my prioroties starting with next Friday evening.


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