Receiving For the Purpose of Sharing



Receiving For the Purpose of Sharing.

Kabbalah teaches us and empowers us to transform from our desire to receive for ourselves alone into desire to receive for the purpose of sharing.

We become worthy recipients through sharing what we have with others. If our vessel is full it’s no blessing to direct more overflow our way.

Lasting fulfillments comes through partnering with the Source, where we become cables of blessings into this world, not just vessels receiving for ourselves alone.

There are two primary areas where this most applies to us – charity and wisdom.

Giving charity creates an opening in the bottom of our vessel so that more sustenance can flow through us. Giving 10% of our income to charitable causes creates a partnership with the Source where we become conduits for blessing into this world.

Charity is more than a righteous act; it’s a holy obligation where this percentage of our income is not really “ours” to start with. Giving charity widens the bandwidth of our cable. We are taught that one does not go broke from giving charity – we just welcome more to flow through us.

The same applies to sharing wisdom with others. If we really love wisdom, we should share what we know with others. The process of sharing creates room for higher levels of understanding.

We should approach every encounter from the perspective of – what can I share with the person in front of me.

Charity and wisdom are very much connected, as the highest form of charity is to give wisdom to the “poor” man. One who lacks wisdom has nothing and one who has wisdom lacks nothing.



Receiving For the Purpose of Sharing

4 thoughts on “Receiving For the Purpose of Sharing

  1. arlene says:

    I believe the mitzvah of tzedakah is the only one in the torah that Hshm tells us he will give us back….not a bad investment…:)


  2. alicia says:

    I love this idea of receiving to share, but, who is the “wise” and who is the “poor” and who of us is humble/wise enough to see ourselves as “poor”?
    I love the story, Christian though it may be, of the woman who gave her last pennies, all that she had with no prospects for more, while the wise and wealthy gave much and it cost them little. How do we give without crediting or assigning position? Not for us to judge hearts, however, to quote Nietzsche: “I have often laughed at those who thought themselves good simply because they had no claws.”
    Simone Weil talks about coming to know God in the void. So many know no void…. Ironic, how the most oppressed are the most blessed…….with the most possibility…..
    None of this is to say that I do not love or appreciate your generosity. Wrestling is one of the great joys of the journey. I will be thinking on your post all day. It has struck a note.
    Thank you, Etan.


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