The Midnight Rectification



The Midnight Rectification

“A bit of sleep, a bit of slumber, a bit of folding the hands and reclining, and that which you lack comes as a runner, and that which you want like a soldier” – King Solomon

“At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto thee” – King David

Tikkun Chatzot “The Midnight Rectification” is a Jewish ritual prayer recited each night after midnight as an expression of mourning and lamentation over the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

But many of us are unaware of the incredible depth and power of this ritual of awakening at midnight.

Midnight corresponds to the point when the depth of “sleep” overwhelms our soul and seeks to destroy it completely by means of our disconnection and accumulated negativity – to the point that we are about to utterly give up any moment. It represents unconsciousness and darkness in our lives. It manifests in the form of depression, anger, shame and disconnection. At midnight, the Divine Presence is at its nadir.

Awaken corresponds to the injection of consciousness and light into our lives. To shift our focus to the good points within ourselves and others. To drive expansive awareness and faith into a moment of darkness and constriction.

Mourning over the destruction of the Temple corresponds to our distress and yearning for the return of the perception of Divine providence in our lives. Our perception of the Source is diminished due to the darkness we create and identify with.

There is also a Temple within us, where through prayer, we offer daily sacrifices of our selfish animalistic actions and desires to the Source. We lift up our heart and offer 100% of it to the Source.

And from this state of destruction we seek to rebuild. Hence by being distressed and concerned about the “Temple”, we begin to rebuild it – and the rebuilding of the Temple corresponds to the construction of consciousness.

Here lies a powerful lesson which we can apply to our lives during moments of constriction. By arousing ourselves like a lion to awaken from the darkness – we bring consciousness to unconsciousness – we shift focus from our limitations to our good points. And this rectification at midnight, this practice of awakening from the pinnacle of our sleep – strengthens our ability to rise above all moments of perceived lack and unconsciousness throughout our days.

As the clock strikes 12:00am tonight, let us start the new year off with an awakening at midnight.



The Midnight Rectification

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