Desire 2



There is a kabalistic principal which defines our basic makeup, the essential elements of what we are made of. And this can be summed up in one word – Ratzon; “Desire”. There are three basic levels of human desire.

Level one desires are rooted in our animalistic lusts – our needs, wants and urges. This includes the desire to sleep, eat and all other forms of self gratification. Level one desires are aimed to serve our most basic needs.

Level two desires are elevated beyond basic animalistic desires, and include honor, fame and power over others. Level two desires encompass our quest for status.

Level three desires are fueled by our higher faculties of reasoning and are aimed toward fulfilling our desires for knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

These three levels of desire are found in all of us, blended in different degrees – and this is the difference between one person and another.

Kabalistically, desire is referred to as a “vessel” – an empty cup that seeks to be filled. And the object of our desire is referred to as “light”. Light is far more than the pleasure of our desire being fulfilled – light is unending joy – lasting fulfillment.

Since the universe is flooded with light, what stands in the way of our lasting happiness?

The “wall”.

There is an illusionary wall that divides our perception into two realms. The physical world, our universe, the temporary space of creation — and the eternal world, the Source – that which lies beyond basic human perception.

Sadness, anxieties and feelings of un-fulfillment stem from our perception that our desires are being ignored by the Source – being disconnected from the eternal realm, limiting ourselves to the boundaries of physicality.

However, when we learn how to reconnect to the eternal realm, that which lies beyond human perception, we can pierce through the wall – and the light bursts in. Our darkness becomes illuminated. This is the secret of how we can control the events in our lives. This opens the channels of light into our vessel, a recipe for lasting fulfillment. This process fulfills the desire of the Source, the light and the vessel – a win win win.

And this is accomplished through faith and prayer. Faith in knowing that we are eternal souls connected with the eternal Source, who desires to fill our vessels with the highest light — and prayer is the expression of faith and desire directed from our soul to the Source – opening the channels of light flow from the Source to our vessel and from our vessel to the world.




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