The Power of Mikvah


The Power of Mikvah

“v’zarakti aleichem mayim t’horim ut’hartem: I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and you shall be clean … I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you.” – Ezekiel 36:25–26

In our journey through the physical – the actions we make and the thoughts we think create both physical and spiritual consequences. When we give charity to the poor man, we bring a smile to his face, food to his home, and a sense of joy and purpose to ourselves. And when we think positive thoughts about ourselves, and focus on our good points within – our perception of and by extension how we experience our lives mirrors those thoughts.  We create positive energy by performing actions and thinking thoughts in line with our higher self.

The same applies to our negative actions, thoughts and intentions.  When we steal from another, we bring damage and pain to them, and a sense of shame and disconnection to ourselves. And when we focus on negativity, we become depressed and create the space for negative energy to flourish.

All negative actions create disconnection between the soul and body. And this disconnection creates the space for negative energy to survive and breed. To survive, the negative energy requires additional infusions of negativity – and this creates a cycle of negativity in our thoughts and actions. This is how addictions, fears, anxieties and character flaws develop and survive. And they become part of our identity – trapped inside the constructs of our ego, seeking cover in the fox holes of our subconscious.

The good news is we’ve been giving an antidote which has the power to shake us free from the accumulated negativity of our thoughts and actions – to annihilate the energetic parasites, feeding off and effecting our bodies and minds.

This is the Mikvah

The Mikvah is a bath used for the purpose of ritual immersion. It’s what the high priests had to immerse in before they could enter the temple to perform their holy work. It’s also what many Jewish women immerse in after their menstral cycle is finished before they re enter the realm of intimacy with their husbands – as well as what converts to Judaism immerse in as part of the ritual procedure of conversion. And it’s what all of us can immerse in to neutralize accumulated energy and external forces.

A Mikvah must be connected to a natural spring or well of naturally occurring water, and thus can be supplied by rivers and lakes which have natural springs as their source.

You first clean yourself and remove all physical items from your body. And then you fully immerse your body in the Mikvah. At the moment of immersion, when you are bare, under natural water and nothing physical is attached to your body, you return to the womb, the waters of Eden – and re emerge renewed and pure.

The Mikvah is the antidote to the venom of accumulated negative energy. It serves as a transitory experience between two states, a process of physical and spiritual renewal – a rebirth.

Those who are energetically sensitive find great benefit in frequent immersion.

Over the past decade the Mikvah has become a tremendously important tool for me. I can’t recall a Friday afternoon that has passed without immersing in a Mikvah. At home I walk to the community Mikvah, while on vacation I find out where the closest Mikvah is, or immerse in the ocean or lake.

Winding down from the work week, the constant connection to electronic communications, monetary matters, negotiations and physical work – preparing to enter the realm of the holy Shabbat, when we leave behind the stress and routines of the week, there is no better way to honor the process of transformation than to immerse and shake free from the accumulated external forces of the week and enter the gift of Shabbat, the source of blessing, in purity and peace.

The Power of Mikvah

9 thoughts on “The Power of Mikvah

  1. Becky says:

    Written so beautifully
    Reminded me about the beauty behind the Mikvah.
    Thank you Holy Brother
    I love you and respect your devotion immensely.


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