Out of the shadow


Out of the shadow

In LM #172 Rebbe Nachman brings down another radical piece of wisdom about the experience of lack in our lives.

“All lack that a person has, whether children, livelihood or health, is ALL caused by the person himself”

There is a concept of “not being in this world” – not being limited by our physical identity.

Whenever we identify from the perspective of the physical, the limited, the temporary – we create a shadow that blocks the light.

“For instance, a wooden or stone object in line of the light of the moon or sun will cast a shadow, and a solar or lunar eclipse is caused by the earth’s shadow. Similarly, the sun itself is physical compared to that which is above it, and casts a shadow opposite it.”

This concept also applies to our actions. “A person’s own negative conduct casts a shadow upon himself, so that the source’s light cannot reach him” And, through repairing our actions, we remove the obstruction which blocks the light source – eliminating the shadow.

When we transform our perception of our identity to the spiritual, the eternal, we eliminate the shadow, and therefore the perceived lack, and see only the light of Source. We acquire the higher perception of “not being in this world” – removing the obstruction which prevents the light and influx from reaching us.

The Rebbe goes on to further explain that “the Source’s light is mainly honor, for everything that the source created was for its honor, as is written, “For My honor I created it” (ibid.6:3):” And if a person is “not in this world” at all – then he can receive the Source’s light, which is honor.

“This is the meaning of , “The wise will inherit honor” (Proverbs 3:#5), for, “Wisdom comes from nothing” (job 28:12).” Therefore, the sages who are “nothing”, receive honor, for they do not cast a shadow to obstruct, since they have no materiality.

And this was Moses’ greatest quality, humility – nothingness. And this is why the greatest gift – the highest wisdom from the Source – was channeled through Moses. By shedding the constraints of his physicality, he made room to receive the light. And this is the greatest quality of leadership – and a most important task – to remove the blockages that hold us back from receiving the direct light from the Source, so that the Source can lead through us. And this is the most important prerequisite in sharing with others – to remove our ego and focus on channeling wisdom and light to our friends.



Out of the shadow

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