Spark Lifters


Spark Lifters

The Source banged the big bang. And physicality was formed.

In all physical objects, there is an energetic and sustaining power within. A spark of the light source inside a fragment of the first point of creation. Above the scene, that which orchestrated the bang – and powers the protons, neutrons and electrons operating inside each object, is the Source. When we realize this we can start to identify with and see the Source inside each object. This process allows for us to experience life beyond the five senses.

When we peel away the boundaries and limits of physicality, we can recognize the Source at work and its continued direct supervision over all of creation. When we tune ourselves to the attributes of the Source and align with it, we see that everything is from one. It becomes clear that we are under direct and constant supervision. And with this clarity the question becomes – how far are we willing to grow, to return?

Between each stage of growth we meet a new and stronger adversary, who must be overcome for us to rise to the next level. The adversary is a force which will attack our weakness, which we need to face and slay in order to strengthen and evolve.

The greatest spark sent down to physicality is the soul in our body. And the soul’s mission is to work with the body to seek and lift sparks to the source. This is called repairing the world.

If we only have enough oil to light one flame before the Shabbat Chanukah, we light the flame of Shabbat – not because it’s more important than the flame of Chanukah – but because it’s a progression – We must first illuminate the peace of the home, the peace within, the Shabbat flame. Only then, once we are adequately illuminated, at peace within, can we fulfill our purpose of projecting illumination to the world through our miracles of light.

Miracles of light and Chodesh tov,


Spark Lifters

One thought on “Spark Lifters

  1. Kenny and Regina Berthold says:

    Thank you for all your inspirational messages. I look forward to reading the next one. You have a great talent and gift and thank you for sharing with us. With love, Regina and Kenny


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