New Beginnings


New Beginnings

Today I start a new journey in sharing the wisdoms of life which channel through me – a journey from slavery to freedom which we all go through every day and every moment. New beginnings, especially ones which are in alignment with our soul, are fraught with frightening obstacles. The greater the treasure, the greater the obstacle guarding it – And there is no treasure greater than the alignment of the body with the soul and the soul with its Source. There is nothing more painful than not living a life in synch with who we are, shackled and imprisoned in the boundaries of what we have become through our past actions, circumstances and identity. There is nothing more frightening to the body than the threat of its identity being shattered – of recognizing and taking steps forward toward our true self. Today I chose to boldly move forward by shattering the obstacles which have until now held me back from sharing the wisdoms which I have been blessed to receive from my guides, here and past, prophets and sages whose lives have been dedicated toward the pursuit of inner peace, eternal joy and authentic wisdom. Today I chose to let my soul lead – to be me. Today I chose to express from the depth of my heart the wisdom as I have internalized it and seek to share with the world.

The greatest joy in this world is the joy of being connected with the Source. Its where we came from, what sustains us each moment, what always was and what will always be. The eternal soul descended down from the eternal Source into this world and was garbed with a body, a requirement in order to engage with this world. The body is temporary and expires at 120 if we are lucky. The body will endure hunger, desire, pain and Illness. Its destination is a wooden box. We exit as we came, with nothing. Identification with the body is not sustainable. The body carves out its place in this world and develops an identity. This identity develops needs in order to preserve it and these needs are real. The path toward alignment does not discard the body’s needs – it seeks to uplift them, to celebrate them and to transform them to a higher purpose.

The Source created this world out if its desire to create a dwelling place for the spiritual word in the lower world. It created the world to give its creations the greatest possible gift of joy, to express its attribute of giving to its recipients. The question is – How do we achieve the joy that was intended for us? And the answer is, we experience this life from the perspective of our eternal soul, which is a part of the Source.

This short ride through life gives our soul the ability to achieve its purpose. To return to the Source victorious, having lifted all physicality to its highest potential – to partner with the Source in bringing down eternal light into the lowest places and lifting up physicality to the greatest heights.

Love and blessings,


New Beginnings

One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. DM SIEGEL says:

    This is one of the reasons why the Holy Rebbe wants us to speak to our body. Wake it up! Give it NOTICE! The ground is coming very quick. Let the HOLY SOUL GUIDE THE ACTION! The holy Baal Shem Ha Kodesh said that we should be talking to our Neshamahs to get the actual hadracha on how to act in this lowly olma d’shikra! I read you articles…enjoyed them! Hatslacha!


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