Jump in


Jump in

We are now in the moment of friction between expansion and constriction, light and darkness, standing between our potential, and our adversary pursuing us and holding us back. Our adversary takes many forms – like negativity, entitlement addictions, guilt, fears and anxieties – all of which create constriction in our lives – a lack of flow from the source – a blockage. This constriction of flow hardens our heart, empowers the illusion and strengthens our adversary. We can find ourselves ruled by and serving our hard heart, enslaved through constriction.

Constricted consciousness is slavery to the temporary – to the illusion. And the way out is by attaching to and following the wisdom of our guides. To the ones who have carved paths through physicality to the highest truth, dug wells for us to drink from the waters of wisdom, channeled merciful attributes of the source into this world. We can recognize our guides only if we cling to the source because then we can recognize the Source in their actions – and our guides embody the source and lead us toward expansion.

When we are lead to the next moment in life where we find ourselves surrounded by our forms of adversary – through faith, connect to the source and Jump in – expansion occurs, nature splits, the way appears and our adversaries drown.

We become filled with confidence, joy, song and praise – victorious from the battle, not through the physical strength of the horse – but because we are ruled from above the stars.

Miracles of light and Chodesh tov,


Jump in

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