Gazing at the Light


Gazing at the Light

In synch with laws of creation, there exists a hidden power within each of us – the ability to hit the refresh button, to shake free from past imprints, future anxieties, current constrictions. The most powerful tool we have is the ability to hit the refresh button.

We pass through this world of time and space like the shadow of a bird flying over a mountain. Time and space exist only in this temporary world, this orb of creation – but they are illusions in the face of the eternal light. The miracle of creation and life is that it refreshes itself every moment – and we get used to it, we get used to the next breath of air being there for us, our eyes functioning when we wake up, our loved ones health. These expectations establish the inevitable possibility of being unmet – and when our expectations, what we take for granted, is unmet, we experience a sense of lack. This lack is nothing more than a lack of wisdom. The wisdom of understanding that everything that occurs in our life occurs for our eternal soul’s best interest, as difficult as this may seem at times. This wisdom diminishes lack not by simply causing the lack to be filled. Not by giving sight to the blind, or health to a loved one. This wisdom transforms our physical perception through our soul’s knowing that we are receiving exactly what we need, out of higher mercy, through direct supervision, to evolve to our soul’s highest potential – transforming the experience of lack through a deeper connection to faith. Faith is the bridge between our limited perception and the surrounding higher truth. And while our perceptions, expectations and individual experiences are many, there is only one truth.

The wisdom of the ultimate purpose – the unification of the spiritual kingdom with the physical garden – the return to Garden of Eden consciousness.

As we gaze at the holy lights, we remember the eternal light, the light stored away from which our soul came and will return to. The light within – the light which we illuminate ourselves with, draw down to and shine into the garden.

Lift the gates of time and space and let the light flood in through faith. Gaze at the light of our soul, access the higher wisdom, the ultimate purpose and illuminate each moment.

Miracles of light and Shabbat shalom,


Gazing at the Light

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